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The really evil message behind the right-wing lie advocacy

Illustrated by Elizabeth Blockway / The Daily Beast Earlier this month, a lawyer for the arrested Capitol mob Anthony Antonio offered his client a surprising defense, which was due to Fox News. After Antonio lost his job during the pandemic, his lawyer claimed to have been “continuously” watching Fox News for the next six months. In doing so, he developed “Foxitus” and attacked the Capitol, believing in Trump’s “stop stealing” lie. This defense attracted a lot of media attention for its novelty. But the much more ironic court defense, including Fox News, is called “no rational person,” and this defense has been made by a series of prominent conservatives, including Sidney Powell, Alex Jones, and Tucker Carlson. You will believe their remarks. On the surface, they give you the right to say whatever they want. No matter how reckless they are. Conservative lawyers finally give them reliable information about the facts. Admitting that they are not the source. First and foremost, they are optimists and entertainers. Ke Sidney Powell, a former lawyer for Donald Trump. In March, Powell attempted to dismiss the $ 1.3 billion defamation proceeding filed by Dominion Voting Systems against her, her lawyer claimed: [Powell made] It was really a statement of facts. The “statement” mentioned in the motion was, among other things, Powell’s statement that Dominion was involved in a widespread conspiracy to manipulate Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential election by electronically switching votes for Trump to Biden. It was a claim. These statements are constantly being repeated by Fox News and other right-wing media, causing immense damage to our democracy by establishing the false belief that elections have been stolen (public opinion). Most Republicans still believe this, according to research.) After all, it sought to avoid the responsibility of prominent conservatives to take advantage of this argument to make potentially defamatory claims. It was the latest attempt.Powell with tremendous influence [by representing Trump] And these other conservative stars support Republican voters, and the essence of the debate is astonishing. They should be held accountable for their statements in court. Claims not. Because most people should know that their remarks are not true. Whether or not the viewer and the viewer are “reasonable” is another matter, but the riots of Antonio and the Capitol show that ridiculous and unfounded statements are widely believed. Alex Jones Is another example. In April 2017, Infowars host Jones was in a custody dispute with his ex-wife Kelly.In making her claim to Jones, Kelly claimed that Jones was “not a stable person,” including his man man man claiming that Sandy Hook’s shootings and the moon landing were organized. He claimed that the state rants were often heard by children (since Jones’ broadcast, but Jones’ lawyers argued that his on-air rants should not be taken seriously. He was just a “performance artist” who “played the character”. His lawyer claimed that it was similar to judging “Jack Nicholson based on his performance as a joker.” , Jones, of course, is neither Jack Nicholson nor a random shock joke with a small audience. His fans consider him a valuable source of information. Political information. His website InfoWars is monthly With 10 million visitors, this is more than the very popular mainstream outlets. In 2015, Donald Trump appeared on Jones’ show and said his reputation was “great.” Jones Even funded a rally that took place before the Capitol riot. Therefore, Jones’ public declaration, no matter how serious and dishonest, cannot be ignored as harmless “performance art.” The question remains: Does Jones believe what he says? The answer can be found not only in his defense of detention, but also in the apology he made, for example, Jones’ “Pizza Gate” plot. After helping spread the theory, Hillary Clinton argued that other Democrats ran a sex ring from a Washington, DC pizza shop called Comet Ping Pong. The owner threatened Jones in a defamation lawsuit. Not only did Jones apologize, but he withdrew his claim. And after Sandy Hook’s victim’s family forced Jones. Jones swearing. He admitted that the shooting was genuine and claimed that he was suffering from a “kind of mental illness” when he denied it. At a broader level, this was a proper explanation of the conservative political media complex as a whole. It’s time to admit it all again. It occupies the right influential position. I like the people mentioned above and their colleagues Many are in control of Republican voters. And they do not exist to enlighten. They exist to sell products to demographics that crave a particular worldview. Of course, this isn’t breaking news, but it’s worth noting that some of the most influential conservative experts have finally admitted it, even if forced in court. This dishonesty is widespread throughout the network. One America News is an increasingly influential and conservative news channel. OAN producer Marty Golingan told The New York Times in an article published in April that he believed that false alarms on his channel triggered a riot in the Capitol. In addition, he argued that most OAN employees did not believe in fraudulent claims by Trump voters, despite the network’s frequent publicity. The Times confirmed his claim and interviewed 18 active and ex-employees, 16 of whom supported Goringan in a “misleading, inaccurate, or untrue” article. I found that I agreed with that. (Twelve OAN employees eventually quit after the riots.) Although some exaggeration is expected in our political speeches (in fact, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution gives wide freedom to such speeches. Do not allow the speech to be too liberal (the degree is acknowledged), the reality that it undermines Americans’ basic confidence in democracy. Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” did just that. In fact, Republicans are increasingly hiding in the First Amendment to justify all sorts of deceptive and destructive speech, not knowing that freedom of speech is not absolute. Just as a voting machine company can’t yell loudly in a crowded theater, it yells repeatedly in popular media for unproven and ironic political purposes that it has tampered with elections. Should not be forgiven. After all, what’s the worst result: a crazy rush to the exit in the dark theater, or an attempted coup that killed five? To spread his “big lie”, Trump is Powell, Jones, Carlson, Rudy. Helped by people like Gilliani., Jeanine Pirro, Lou Dobbs (the last three of these are being sued by another voting system company, Smartmatic), and many others like them. is. Again, these are entertainers, vulgar, and not serious commentators. Evidence — in fact, admission to their own court — is increasingly supporting this. Another example is repeated. In September 2020, a federal judge dismissed a defamation proceeding against Fox News by former Playmate Karen McDougal, who allegedly had an affair with Mr. Trump. It was on-air allegations that Tucker Carlson claimed the case and attempted to blackmail Trump, prompting McDougall to file a proceeding. However, Fox’s lawyer said Carlson’s remarks were “factual.” He succeeded in dismissing the proceeding, claiming that it was not reasonably understood as something. ”Judge Mary Kay Vyskosil of the US District Court agreed,“ given Carlson’s reputation, decent. 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