Whistleblowers who testified that they had sexually abused Guillene Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein for years say she met Trump on a plane with Prince Andrew.


Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Jane Menninger

Defendant lawyer Laura Menninger asked Jane (not her real name) during the Ghislaine Maxwell trial in New York on Wednesday.Reuters / Jane Rosenberg

  • The accuser testified at Maxwell’s trial that Epstein took her on a flight with Prince Andrew.

  • Records show that Andrew boarded Epstein’s plane at least four times between 1999 and 2006.

  • The accuser added that Epstein introduced her to Mar-a-Lago’s Trump when he was 14 years old.

New York — Ghislaine Maxwell’s sexual trafficking trial accusers testified on Wednesday that she was on a plane during the same period as Prince Andrew. Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein Sexually abused her..

Whistleblowers testified under the pseudonym “Jane” to protect her identity, and on Tuesday and Wednesday testified that Maxwell and Epstein had sexually abused her many times over at least five years from 1994. ..she One of the four whistleblowers will call the prosecutor..

Jane said Epstein often flew her to his homes in New York and New Mexico, where she claimed that he and Maxwell had sexually abused her since she was 14 years old. She also testified that Epstein and Maxwell had sexually abused her at her home in Palm Beach, Florida, where Jane lived with her mother and siblings.

When Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger asked if Prince Andrew had ever boarded a plane during an interrogation Wednesday afternoon, Jane replied “yes.”

Prince Andrew made at least four flights on Epstein’s plane between 1999 and 2006. According to an insider analysis of the flight manifest records of dead sex offenders..

Prosecutors accused Maxwell of sexually trafficking a girl with Epstein and sexually abused herself.Many other women have Condemning Maxwell for sexual misconduct in civil lawsuits, Similarly.

Maxwell pleaded not guilty to the accusations against her and denied all accusations of misconduct.

Guillene Kevin Maxwell Trial

Maxwell talks to his brother Kevin Maxwell during the trial on Wednesday.Reuters / Jane Rosenberg

Prince Andrew tried to downplay him Relationship with Epstein, Continued from the 1990s to the 2000s.

Virginia Jufre, one of the whistleblowers of Maxwell and Epstein’s sexual abuse, claims that the Duke of York also sexually abused her when she was a teenager. Prince Andrew denied the accusation and categorically refused to sit in an interview with the FBI.

In this week’s testimony at the Federal Court of Justice, Epstein’s nearly 30-year-old pilots Jane and Larry Bisoski Discussed other famous names related to Epstein..

Jane testified that Epstein and Maxwell had dropped the names of then-president Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and journalist Mike Wallace. Not only did both Clinton and Trump fly on Epstein’s plane, Visoski said Senator John Glen and George Mitchell, actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker, and violinist Itzhak Perlman also flew. rice field.

Jane also testified that Epstein took her to Mar-a-Lago.

On Wednesday, Menninger asked Jane about her interaction with Trump.

Jane testified that Epstein remembers driving her to the Mar-a-Lago real estate in Trump, Florida when she was 14, and introducing her to the big guys.

She also testified that she later participated in the beauty pageant directed by Trump.

Neither Jane nor Bisoski, nor Trump or any other Epstein companion, blamed them for mentioning cheating.

Prince Andrew and Trump’s representatives did not immediately respond to insider’s request for comment on Wednesday.

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