White Bear Lake woman known as “Hell’s Neighbor” charged again for two stalking acts

A White Bear Lake woman, called “Hell’s Neighbor,” who has threatened her neighbors for years, harassed real estate agents and future buyers who came to see her recently placed neighbor on Thursday. Was charged with stalking twice in Japan for sale.

Lori E. Kristensen, 57, took pictures and videos of customers, put up a “no trespassing” sign in front of a house for sale, and talked about the house and the people who lived there. She was defamatory loudly. In one case, she swore to a real estate agent, told her to leave the neighborhood, and threatened to call the police because of where he parked. A complaint filed in the Ramsey County District Court. According to her, she slandered her ass in front of him as he drove away. Christensen was slandering for the third or subsequent breach in 10 years and seriously for tracking or monitoring others. He has been accused of slandering a misdemeanor.

At other times, the suspect said Kristensen yelled at potential buyers and told them that they were inhabited by “stimulant users.”

According to one real estate agent, “My buyer really liked the house, and he liked the place very much.

This saga is the latest in a series of East Street dramas in which Kristensen threatens 5,200 blocks of people. From the early 2010s.Christensen Once mock mock mock laughed at recovery from alcoholism While the family was having their son’s birthday party, he raced a remote toy car in front of his house and lived across the street, shouting “DUI, DUI.”

She has also called dozens of local police and city inspectors over the last decade. Records show. In 2013, she violated a ban banning recording neighbors on video. Kristensen was placed on probation because of her breach.

In the current case, the couple, who lived next to Kristensen and are currently selling their homes, originally moved there in 2016. Kristensen immediately started filming their videos. The couple had a daughter. “Afraid of being filmed,” he said he stopped playing outside.

For the next two years, the encounters continued, and Kristensen often shouted profane words, creating a wise crack in the ability of their dogs and their families to care for and control them. There was also a dispute over the fence.

In 2019, Kristensen sent an e-mail to the city authorities that nearby people were storing things on public land and parked in a no-parking area, and a new fence built by the family was in the city. Kristensen puts the head of a female mannequin on a pile on her deck and turns twice in April 2019 to her neighbor. Headed. That summer, Kristensen disconnected the cable television line through her property, but was accused of servicing her neighbor. When her neighbor had a rain gutter guard in place, Kristensen He stood in front of his neighbor’s house and stared at them. The neighbor moved in December and put the house up for sale.

“She’s trying to thwart it by inflicting fear and dignity on prospects and their agents, and it’s not making it easy,” wrote a neighbor on the charge. “She is latent. Even the best buyers and realtors are harassing and verbally abusing us. We are afraid of our lives and the lives of lessees and future homebuyers and agents. I can’t sleep. “I faced a situation involving her. I started trembling and my fears made my stomach sore. This fear and intimidation has increased considerably lately since I was preparing to sell my home. I will. “

Kristensen told investigators that he had the First Amendment to Freedom of Speech, videotaped conversations to protect himself, and stayed in his property at all times.

Kristensen, previously convicted of domestic violence and breach of harassment control orders, first appeared in court on Friday. She will pay a $ 20,000 deposit and will return to court on June 24th.

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