White catfish catch shatters the state and maybe a world record


Ben Tomkunas has a catfish caught in Coventry on August 21, 2021. (Chris Braga via AP)

White catfish caught in Connecticut last month could break state records and become world records of their kind, but evidence has been eaten.

25-year-old Ben Tomkunas caught 21.3 pounds (9.66 kilograms) of fish at midnight in Coventry on August 21st. It was longer than 3 feet.

Connecticut fish and wildlife Confirmed A Facebook post states that the catch was white catfish, easily breaking previous state records for 12.7 pounds (5.76 kilograms) of species.

“We were just sitting and drinking a few glasses of beer, and Lille began to scream as if there was a £ 30 striper,” said Tom Kunas of Coventry. Hartford Courant..

Tom Kunas’ friend Chris Braga had a digital scale and took pictures of the incoming fish with record weight.

The International Game Fish Association has set a world record of 19.3 pounds (8.75 kilograms) of white catfish caught in California in 2005.

White catfish It is one of several species of catfish in Connecticut, and authorities said it had scrutinized the catch and confirmed that it was not a large channel catfish in general. Other types of catfish, such as blue catfish and catfish found in Asia, can dwarf white catfish.

Tomkunas said he intends to file a claim with the association to secure a new world record. But he also told the newspaper that he had given his grandfather a fish the next morning.

“It was kind of eaten,” he said.

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