White House aides reveal Donald Trump’s personality, or lack thereof


I have some difficulty in ranking the recently revealed antiques of the former president (Is Hopalon on the scene to help save the Republic?) Cassidy of the House Commission Recently mentioned January 6 Inquiry..

So many people were turned away because they had guns, so he wanted to remove the elliptical metal detector when the president at the time thought the crowd looked small. Did you?

Or was it attacking a secret service agent? After the president’s speech in the ellipse when he wanted to go directly to the Capitol and the Agent, he intends to return, probably for fear of the President’s safety in the rebels already attacking the Capitol. Directly to the White House?

Or did the president throw a plate of food on the wall of the White House, smash it, and put the food on the wall? This is important because the tableware belongs to the White House, and therefore to the Americans, not the President. You can only expect the Commission on January 6th to charge the former president for the plate. I think cleaning the walls is part of the staff’s job.

(Trump’s claim that Mike Pence should be hanged because he insisted on obeying the Constitution is so terrible that it is not worthy of ranking because it is typical of the former president.)

The former president certainly meets two definitions of “personality.” He behaves like a child with a personality but personality lack.

Here are some good quotes by people who are smarter than former President Trump. They are displayed in chronological order.

“The sun, the moon, and the truth cannot be hidden for a long time.” (Buddha)

“When debate is lost, accusation becomes a loser’s tool.” (Socrates, because Trump calls it lie and fake news)

“We, the people, are legitimate masters of both parliament and courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overwhelm those who overturn it.” (First Republican President, Abraham Lincoln)

“America is never destroyed from the outside. If we are frustrated and lose our freedom, it is because we have destroyed ourselves.” (Lincoln)

“Patriotism means supporting the country, not standing by the president or other civil servants … as long as he serves the country efficiently. Is patriotic. It is patriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that he is inefficient or otherwise does not fulfill his obligation to support the country. “ (Theodore Roosevelt, Another Great Republican President)

“The problem in all cases is of a nature that creates a clear and present danger that the words used are used in such situations and bring about a substantial evil that Congress has the right to prevent. Is it? “ (Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes)

“Personality is the only thing that really matters in public life.” (Jennifer Rubin, Columnist, The Washington Post)

What a pitiful person I think he was president for four years. Take a look at the Supreme Court to see how he succeeded in reducing the safety of American citizens and reducing their freedom for women.

Sam Oppenheim taught history at California State University in Stanislaus, Turlock from 1971 to 2005. He currently lives in Massachusetts and continues to be a loyal reader of Modestoby e-edition.