White House Amends Biden on Number of U.S. Citizens Remaining in Afghanistan

The White House on Tuesday corrected President Joe Biden after saying that 90 percent of Americans in Afghanistan who wanted to leave said they had evacuated before the U.S. military left the country on August 30.

“Conclusion: 90 percent of Afghan Americans were able to leave,” Biden said in his statement from the White House for the first time since the withdrawal.

of Transcript In his speech, the White House canceled the “90” and said, “[Ninety-eight].. “

U.S. officials said that when the Taliban hijacked Afghanistan in mid-August, about 6,000 Americans were in Afghanistan, and all but 100 to 200 were evacuated before the final withdrawal of the United States.

Biden accused top advisors such as Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin of advising him to do so and defended the Americans being left behind.

The Pentagon said it offered Biden’s options and was not in charge of policy.

Biden on Tuesday also used the wrong name in an operation to rescue Americans, Afghanistan, and others from Afghanistan.

He called it Operation Allied Rescue. It was an operation to withdraw from the Coalition of the Willing.

Zachary Stieber

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