White House announcing a request to break the “buy Americans” rule

The White House is a government “Buy Americans“Rules, Axios learned.

Important reason: The federal government is the only and largest consumer goods purchaser in the world, spending nearly $ 600 billion annually on procurement. The new process allows the public to scrutinize the president’s commitment to promote the sale of US-made products.

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How to use: Government agencies have previously been able to abandon the requirement to manufacture non-mission-critical products domestically if they are not available at a reasonable cost or if there is no “public interest”.

  • The waiver announced by the Biden administration is for products not available in the United States, officials told Axios.

  • Updates are provided in real time MadeinAmerica.gov, And the process from the submission of the proposed exemption to the issuance of the decision by the office.

  • The decision will also be announced.

What they are saying: “In a statement, Celeste Drake made a commitment in today’s announcement that President Biden will use that power to help US companies compete in strategic industries and ensure the prosperity of US workers. We are taking a step further to make it happen. “

Flashback: President Biden has fulfilled his promise to support American manufacturing through federal procurement and strengthen America’s industrial base.

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