White House housing staff reportedly found a lump of printed paper clogging Trump’s toilet.

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New York Times Reporter Maggie Haberman Announce the name and title of her book Former President Donald Trump on Thursday, and AxiosIt says Harborman’s Confidence Man Will be “Trump’s most feared book” Got a sneak peak With some of her discoveries. For example, Mr. Trump has reportedly told people that he has been in contact since North Korean leader Kim Jong Un resigned. However, the most eye-catching scoops include clogged toilets.

While Trump was in the office, White House dwelling staff occasionally found a lump of printed paper clogging the toilet and believed that Trump tried to wash it away, Axios Report, Quoted from Harborman’s book. Playing cards sometimes Stick to a toilet that doesn’t washthat’s why Washington postPhilip Bump pointed out..

Axios Calling Trump’s reputed toilet blockage “a vivid new dimension to his revocation in the preservation of government documents,” he nods politely. 15 boxes of paper The National Archives had to retrieve from Mar-a-Lago last month to put in playing cards Compliance with the Presidential Records ActHis potential Mishandling of confidential documentsAnd his The habit of tearing paper After reading them, among other long-reported compliance issues.

One of the staff’s chiefs, John Kerry, said confidential documents were in the Oval Office, as the White House’s top executives were so “deeply concerned” that Trump would handle sensitive national security materials. I tried to prevent him from being taken out of the house and brought into his residence. He was concerned about what Mr. Trump could do to them and how it could endanger national security. ” the Times Reported on Wednesday..

Former Trump Aide Omarosa Manigo Newman Written in her 2018 Trump White House book, unstableWhen she saw Trump “put a note in his mouth” in the Oval Office, she “looked like she had bitten and swallowed a piece of paper,” a shocking behavior of the famous “mysophobia.”

For more information on Haberman’s report, see Axios. Confidence Man: Creating Donald Trump and Destroying America Released on October 4th.

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