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Tucker Carlson: Calls Fox News to dismiss host after immigration turmoil

According to ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt, the Anti-Defamation League denounces “support for white supremacist ideology” after Carlson claims that immigrants are diminishing American political power. Photo: Chipsomo de Villa / Getty Images The head of the Federation of Defamation Prevention has asked Fox News to dismiss Tucker Carlson after immigrants “weaken their political power” from Americans after a prime-time host said. Carlson referred to “white replacement,” a racist theory cited as the motive for a deadly attack. On Sunday, ADL CEO and National Director Jonathan Greenblatt said CNN Fox News should fire Carlson for his “unlimited support for white supremacist ideology.” “I think we really crossed the new threshold when major news networks rejected it or pretended to be insignificant,” Greenblatt said. “Tucker must go.” Two days ago, Greenblatt wrote in an open letter to Fox that Carlson’s “rhetoric was not just a dog whistle to racists, but a loudspeaker.” .. He also quoted a previous case in which Carlson used anti-immigrant rhetoric. This includes immigrants claiming the United States as “poor and dirty” and questioning the existence of a white supremacist ideology. In the first letter reported by the Associated Press, Greenblatt also quoted Carlson’s “Long Record of Racebaits.” Fox News did not immediately respond to the request for comment. Greenblatt’s call for Carlson’s dismissal is as many as many Republican-led states are trying to pass a bill that critics claim is designed to limit voting by minorities. It has been. “They are importing brand new voters, so their political power is weak,” Carlson said, saying he was concerned about his “voting rights.” “I know that using the term’shift’makes Twitter’s left and all gatekeepers literally hysterical,” he said. With new people from the Third World, more obedient voters. “But in reality it’s happening, so they’re hysterical. Let’s say it’s true.” Carlson said, “Every time they import a new voter, I’m as the current voter. Will be deprived of their rights. ” The New York Times columnist Charles Blow wrote: “When Carlson is worried about immigrants from the Third World, the Hispanic, Asian, and black people he is worried about outweigh the” current “voters. In this formulation, the current voters are whites, who make up the majority of American voters. The Prime Time Fox News host has long been controversial. After posting a manifesto complaining about the “Hispanic invasion” shortly after Gunman killed 22 people in El Paso in 2019, Carlson claimed that white supremacism was a “hoax.” Earlier that year, as many as 33 advertisers were reported to have withdrawn from Carlson’s show. “Tucker Carlson has a history of disinfecting stereotypes and spreading this kind of poison, but what he did on Thursday night was certainly … a new low,” Greenblatt told CNN. He also aimed at Fox News owners who overlooked Carlson’s controversy in pursuit of ratings. “Where is Murdoch? How can they look at the networks used to mainstream the most violent and toxic ideas?” Greenblatt said, “His racism. It is the responsibility of advertisers, cable companies and shareholders to say that they are too risky to go. “