White Kansas firefighters hung over racist sweaters


Wichita, Kang (AP) — A white Wichita fire department supervisor who sent a text photo of himself wearing a sweater featuring a naked black man, racist, homosexual, and sexist text. One of the toughest penalties for was unpaid and suspended for three days shared among city SWAT team members.

Captain Keith Niemann, who was punished this month, shared an image on WhatsApp chat with the message “Good morning at the fire department.”Witch Tiger report..

Another white fire director was also disciplined for sending an image of a naked black man becoming a doctor in the scene of the popular holiday movie “Christmas Story.” However, the identity and punishment of the supervisor have not been disclosed.

Fire chief Tammy Snow said he was “extremely disappointed” with the two supervisors who served as health care workers for the SWAT team. They returned to work.

Stephanie Jaeger, Business Manager of the Regional Branch of the Union on behalf of firefighters, the International Association of Firefighters, said Niemann was sorry and did not understand the importance of the image.

She has the police Was criticized For giving a light punishment to the relevant officer.

Some of the more than 10 police officers involved in the investigation sent joking messages about shooting people deadly, shooting people, and beating them. They were given coaching and mentoring.

The only officer who took a few days off was an officer who insulted former chief Gordon Ramsay.

Interim police chief Lemuel Moore may impose additional penalties on police officers. He forwarded his nomination to the city’s legal department.