White Rep. Compares Rosa Parks for refusing to wear a mask

& Lt; p & gt; White California State Legislature Jessica Alexander compares refusal to wear masks with Rosa Parks & lt; / p & gt; (Temecula City Council)

White California lawmaker Jessica Alexander compares refusal to wear masks with Rosa Parks

(Temecula City Council)

white California Parliamentarians compared racial justice protesters Rosa Parks, who were forced to sit behind the bus during the era of racism, and refused to wear masks.

Mask prevention politician Jessica Alexander, a member of the Temecula City Council, was accused of comments allegedly made during the debate over the continuation of the virtual conference.

And she called the image of Rosa Parks, A black woman who refused to give up a Montgomery bus seat in 1955, Alabama, For whites.

“Look at Rosa Parks … she knew it wasn’t legal, so she finally got up and moved forward,” she said according to a conference video posted on YouTube.

“She stood up because it wasn’t true. At what point do we do?”

And she added: “I’m pushed behind the bus.

“This is what I’m telling you I’m feeling.”

A Marine Corps veteran and former NYPD police officer said he “can’t” and “can’t” wear a face mask during a pandemic.

“So I don’t want to be rude, but the fact of the matter is when is enough,” she said.

Temecula, located an hour north of San Diego, is a city of 114,000 people with 7,455 Covid-19 infections and 78 deaths, according to health officials.

The council finally voted 4-1 and Ms. Alexander voted “no” and continued to host the virtual public conference until June.

Her comments sparked criticism from civil rights leaders.

“Wearing a mask during a public meeting or being asked to choose the privilege of sitting comfortably in the office is what Rosa Parks and many others do to fight for the right to vote and the right to free life. It’s not exactly the same as the incredibly difficult sacrifice made. Institutional racism, “said Riverside County Democratic Party Chairman Tisa Rodriguez. Press Enterprise..

Independent I’m asking Alexander for comment.

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