White supremacist F. Glenn Miller has died in Kansas prison.Forget him but never forget his crimes

White supremacist and domestic terrorist F. Glenn Miller Jr. Died in Kansas prison We are waiting for the execution of the murder assault at Overland Park on Monday, 2014.

Miller was a coward and a murderer. He should not mourn.

But you need to remember his crimes that have been going on for decades. Miller stands as a warning that racism and hatred can turn into true bloodshed and tragedy. We have to learn from his unfortunate life.

On a rainy Sunday in April 2014, Miller shot and killed Lied Underwood, 14, and grandfather William Corporon, 69, outside the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park.

He shot and killed 53-year-old Terry Ramanno outside the nearby Village Shalom Care Center. After a brief search, Miller surrendered to the authorities, spitting out vulgarity and hatred.

He remained in custody until his death.

Miller later claimed he intended to kill the JewsAlthough none of the victims were Jewish. He said he would do it again if he was released from prison.

But it’s important to remember that Miller’s prejudice and terrorism did not begin in 2014 on the outskirts of Kansas City. actually, He had decades of widespread history Radicalism and hatred in several states, including Missouri.

He launched a racist debris party in 1980 after resurrecting the Ku Klux Klan branch. In 1987, after a federal raid on a paramilitary organization, he was arrested in southern Missouri along with several other men. Authorities have discovered a number of weapons, including automatic weapons, pipe bombs, and other explosives.

Faced with serious prison time, Miller closed the deal. Acting as a federal informant in exchange for testimony to others in the white supremacist movement, He gets a shortened sentence and rename to F. Glenn Close, The name he used at the time of his death.

His interests did little to help the government, some later claimed. Among his other crimes, Miller was a fraudster.

His view was not a secret. Miller’s anti-Semitic and racist rants were well known in the region. He ran for the US Senate from Missouri in 2010 and aired a series of anti-Semitic and prejudiced radio commercials.

They eventually disappeared. However, Miller’s heart was still visible.

There is no need to completely reprint his view here. “I thrive with hatred,” he once said. “If I hate and don’t prosper, I’ll be hooked.”

It is a shame in this country that someone with his well-known view can easily access weapons and ammunition and use them to commit murder, and should never be forgotten.

And the Capitol riots on January 6 aren’t too far from Miller’s militant views. “America has been given to us by our fighting, bleeding, and dead ancestors … so that they can pass on this great country to us and to their descendants,” he said. Wrote in 1999. I will be taken from us. “

It sounds disturbingly familiar and stands as a warning.

Since the 2014 killings, the relatives of Miller’s victims have shown extraordinary grace and courage in helping the community heal. Written and spoken by Mindy Corporon She has an amazing eloquence about the trials of her family and the faith she relies on to understand the tragedy.

Terry Ramanno’s family shows similar grace..

We are in awe of their sense of tranquility and mercy. Today, we all need to remember the victims and their families, and all the victims of prejudice and hatred, where they were found.

The Star Editorial Board opposes the death penalty in all cases. F. Glenn Miller is not subject to the punishment, but died in the prison to which he belonged. A small beaten man whose hatred did not win, he will never win as long as terrorist crimes like him are remembered and blamed.

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