“Whiteness” accused by the “left” says Republicans who voted against the hate crime bill

Democrats in South Carolina counterattacked after posting online that Republicans would vote against the hate crime bill because they believed the whites were “accused by the left.”

Kershaw County Freshman, South Carolina Parliamentarian Victor Doveney, Posted about his plans to vote on Facebook On Wednesday morning, a few hours before the house gathered, we considered a number of bills, including the hate crime bill.

The bill, which passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday, allows prosecutors to determine a person’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender, country of origin, or physical or physical or mental illness. .. Under the bill, penalties could be increased to up to five years’ imprisonment and an additional fine of up to $ 10,000 for violent crimes such as murder, assault, armed robbery, and criminal sexual misconduct.

Currently, South Carolina does not have its own hate crime method. If a crime is committed on the basis of hatred, state prosecutors can only prosecute the crime itself. However, federal authorities can choose to intervene and prosecute criminals under federal hate crime law.

Congressman finally Cast 79-29 votes to pass the bill, Doveney voted against it.

Dubney said in his post that he would not “yield to the” left “” and would vote in favor of the bill.

“I was 63 years old and spent my whole life watching our society succumb to liberals. That’s not enough,” Dubney posted. “Our whole way of life has been criticized by the Left. It is our whiteness and” straightness “that continue to get in the way. “

Mr. Dubney said he thinks whites “always remember that we have a problem because of their skin tone.”

“We are the reason why blacks seem unsuccessful in our society,” writes Doveney. “We are why black crime rates are ten times higher than other crime rates. We have destroyed black family units and most young black children do not have a father at home. That’s why. It’s all because of the bright colors of our skin, at least that’s what I’m being told on a regular basis. “

Dubney’s words caused a backlash from Democrats across the state, and some called him racist.

The chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party called for the removal of Dubney from the commission’s mission at the State Capitol.

“This is the Republican face and future,” Robertson tweeted.

Senator Mia McCloud of D-Richland said that only those in privileged places accused others of “reverse racism.”

“Responsible. Dubney isn’t targeted (because of his race),” MacLeod tweeted. “My son and I have. My members have. Tragically, Senator Pinkney and eight of his parishioners are white supremacists at Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston. Said referring to nine African-Americans killed by the gunners. The victims included a state senator.

“Race-based hatred is real,” Macleod added.

MacLeod and Robertson’s tweets received dozens of retweets.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison, who ran for US Senator Lindsey Graham, called on Twitter for Mr. Dubney and received more than 500 retweets and nearly 2,000 likes. ..

“This is a Republican from the South Carolina Parliament. Read his words and feel his hatred,” Harrison tweeted. “It’s this kind of people who are drafting the law on voting and hate crimes.”

Dubney called the racist accusation “ridiculous.”

“They don’t know me,” Dubney told the state in an interview.

Doveney said he made his post to point out that racial debates often take place on the house floor. He said House Democrats would bring up race “within minutes” when discussing controversial issues.

“It appears on the floor almost every day,” said Dabney. “That’s like their line of trust.”

“It must be what you keep private, and I keep it private,” said Doveney.

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