“Who do I have to pay?”

dance with the stars the fan was enough in between Monday episode ABC long term reality contest showFans rushed to their phones to tweet their anger after host Tyra Banks overreacted to Bruno Tonioli’s decision to fall out of his chair.

Monday’s episode is one in the history books when it comes to the antics of the judges and hosts, with head judge Len Goodman and co-host Alfonso Ribeiro the sole source of calm between the hosting and the judges’ team. was.

But things soared to an even higher level when Tonioli fell out of his chair after giving one of his usual rave reviews to Jordan Sparks and pro dancer Brandon Armstrong.

This caused an overreaction from Banks, who shouted in a way disproportionate to what had actually happened. MeowBanks’ screams caused “gasps from the audience”.

Banks continued to elevate the moment by going on about Tonioli losing his chair.

“I knew it was going to happen,” Tonioli said, according to MEAWW. But Banks continued: [Hough] It’s crazy. The latter remark was likely an attempt to jokingly tie the fall to Huff’s earlier comments to contestants about samba to Jagged Edge’s “Let’s Get Married.” Huff said the performance looked “underprepared.”

I’ve had enough of the fans.

“Petition to get new host for #DWTS can’t hear Tyra Banks anymore,” wrote one person online, while another wrote, “Tyra Banks hosts dance with star Who do I need to reward for doing this?” [sic]”

“Someone really needs to tell Tyra Banks to stop talking so much,” wrote another comment.

“She ruined too many moments tonight.” Many viewers expressed their annoyance with Banks’ excessive dialogue and hoped the show would find a new host.

“Hey @officialdwts, we have to take #tyrabanks off the show – she’s a terrible host,” wrote one viewer.

Banks wrapped it up further on Tuesday night, but fans of the show have probably gone too far with Banks and don’t want to give her another chance.