Who killed the President of Haiti? The plot gets thicker as the Moise guards are scrutinized

Police spoke among protesters on Thursday, July 8, 2021, near the Petionville police station in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, during a protest against the assassination of Haiti's President Jobnermoise. walk. The president was shot dead and his wife Martine was seriously injured in a raid on Moe's house before dawn.  (AP photo / Joseph Oderin)

Police walk on the streets of Port-au-Prince on Thursday among civilians protesting the assassination of Haiti’s President David Moyes. (Joseph Oderin / Associated Press)

Three days after the Haiti president killed It is still unclear who ordered and executed the bright red hit in his house on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince.

However, a dense bush of possible plots has emerged — some officials have accused the president of assassination. Jovenel Moise In a team of armed foreign mercenaries, others suggested that palace guards might have been involved. Evidence that the guards and mercenaries, mostly Colombian, may have worked together, or that the guards launched the mercenaries and defeated them, was also revealed.

Haiti’s political crisis deepened on Saturday as authorities continued to investigate the darkness surrounding the early Wednesday morning killings, with politicians fighting for control of a poor country and a faction in the United States. Deploy an army On the island to ensure stability.

After wandering around for a few days in the turmoil, some Haitians carefully returned to the street.

Pierre Esperance, secretary-general of the National Human Rights Defense Network in the capital, Port-au-Prince, said fear was still widespread. But you also have to make money and buy food. “They are focused on survival,” he said.

Haiti, which occupies the western third of Hispaniola, which is shared with the Dominican Republic, is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with an average human survival rate of less than $ 3 a day.

In recent decades, the former French colony could include hurricanes, earthquakes, dictatorships, and a series of foreign interventions that many believe only contribute to ongoing instability. It has been surrounded by all kinds of catastrophes.

And the country was swallowed before Moise was killed A series of criminal, political and health crises..

An epidemic of gang violence caused by guns smuggled from the United States has fled thousands of residents from the capital. The coronavirus pandemic was rampant, but no single dose of the vaccine was distributed.

And Moise, who took office in 2017 after a fiercely contested election, was decree, despite a legal agreement that his term expired in February. Since then, he has refused to hold elections, with only 10 members in parliament, too few for the quorum.

Riot control equipment police fight protesters at the edge of a large group

Protesters fought with the riot police at a rally in 2019 and called for the resignation of President Jovenel Moise, who was in office despite the expiration of his term. (The Associated Press)

Haitians have repeatedly appeared on the streets in public demonstrations demanding his resignation. Still, most were afraid to wake up to the news that Moise was killed Wednesday morning and his wife Martine was injured in an attack at her home in the wealthy suburbs of the capital.

“Most Haitians didn’t like Jovenel Moise and weren’t happy with how he governed the country,” Esperance said. “But they didn’t want him to die. People are shocked.”

The first explanation of the attack was given by Haiti’s National Police Chief and interim Prime Minister Claude-Joseph, who declared control of the country after the killing. They accused the attack on a group of foreigners detained in the aftermath, two Haitian Americans and 15 Colombians.

Colombian police chief said on Friday that Colombian suspects were recruited by four security companies to travel to Haiti, most of them former members of the armed forces. After decades of fighting drug traffickers and guerrilla groups, former Colombian soldiers trained in counterinsurgency operations typically work for security companies in the Caribbean and elsewhere in the world.

However, there were news reports that mercenaries may have arrived at the president’s house after the president had already died. And fresh evidence suggests that the president’s own security team may have been involved in the hit.

For one thing, none of the president’s guards were reported injured in the attack. And record According to the Colombian magazine Semana, the best palace guard, Dimitri Hérard, may have repeatedly visited Colombia months before the killing and was involved in the recruitment of mercenaries. In Haiti, some speculate that Heral worked with foreigners to kill them or set them up to take responsibility for the assassination.

According to Heral, which is being investigated by U.S. authorities for arms trafficking, report The Washington-based Center for Economic Policy Research has asked Haitian authorities to present himself for questions, along with other members of the president’s security details.

Friday, prominent opposition politician Stephen Benoit Was told Haiti radio station Magik 9: “The president was assassinated by his own guards, not by Colombians.”

Haiti’s self-declared leader, Joseph, was also put under new scrutiny, along with one of the prominent members of the political opposition who accused him of organizing a coup.

Joseph’s mission is recognized by the Organization of American States. But at home, his leadership is at stake.

The rest of the parliamentarians demanded that he stand down. They say that Haiti’s Senate chief Joseph Lambert should become president and Ariel Henry should become prime minister. Two days before the assassination, Moise nominated Henry, a neurosurgeon with little political experience, as prime minister, but Henry had not yet sworn.

Increasing tension is Joseph’s recent request for US military intervention.

“We turned to our international partners for help,” Joseph told The Associated Press on Friday.

But the ordering President Biden Withdrawal Another potential military swamp, out of almost all U.S. combat units from Afghanistan, showing no sign that he would provide military aid to Haiti after a largely futile 20-year war with the Taliban Willing to step into.

Most Haitians and experts in the country oppose US or UN forces, saying that previous deployments of foreign troops contributed to the erosion of state power and the militarization of street gangs.

“The new deployment of foreign troops in Haiti would be a tragic mistake,” said Jake Johnston, a Haiti expert at the Center for Economic Policy Research, a US think tank.

Horace G. Campbell, a professor of political science and African-American studies at Syracuse University, said members of Haitian civil society devised solutions to the current crisis with the help of neighboring Caribbean countries. He said it was necessary to take the initiative in doing so. ..

For too long, Haiti was a protectorate of foreign powers that supported corrupt politicians and allowed the prosperity of crime and poverty.

“Haiti people need room to create their own democratic space,” Campbell said. “The combination of oligarchy, shooters … and external political forces has ensured that the Haitians say almost nothing about this.”

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