Who Participates and Who Participates in the Competition to Replace British Columbia Prime Minister Hogan

After the recent announcement that incumbent John Horgan will resign for health reasons, British Columbia Attorney General David Eby is now the only candidate to confirm his intention to run for the next BCNDP leader and prime minister. Is a person.

BC NDP President Aaron Sumexheltza statement Last week, the party’s leadership campaign ran from July 17th to December 3rd, 2022, at which point the party announced a new prime minister. NDP members will be able to start voting from November 13th.

Eby announced a leadership bid on July 19th. If elected, Eby states that it will focus on bringing more affordable housing and childcare to the state and increasing the availability of family doctors.

“If I succeed, I think I will represent a new generation of leaders in British Columbia,” Eby said.

Rabbi Carlon, Minister of NDP Jobs, who was considering a leadership bid, Dropped out Raced in early July to support Evie.Carlon Said He believes Eby is “the right person to be the next prime minister.”

Prominent Finance Minister Serena Robinson said Tweet She “seriously thought” to run for leader, Dropped out “focus on [her] Role as MLA and Finance Minister. “

Another prominent minister, Minister of State Nathan Karen Said He doesn’t want that position.

Another name that came up for this job was Brad West, the mayor of Port Coquitram.according to Tricity NewsWest has not yet confirmed plans to run for mayoral reelection in the fall.

The two 37-year-old fathers became the youngest mayors of Metro Vancouver in the 2018 elections. Since then, he has earned a reputation for his opposition to the Chinese Communist Party’s aggression and human rights abuses, as well as the negative effects of CCP-related money laundering in British Columbia.

When asked if he would consider running for NDP leadership, West told the Epoch Times, “I am very humble about all the supportive messages I have received from Port Coquitram and people throughout the state.”

“I will share my political future plans in the coming weeks,” he said.

British Columbia Minister of Education Jennifer Whiteside was cited as another possible leadership candidate, but she also threw her support behind Ebby. New Westminster MLA said Eby “leads our party and our government with power and empathy.” Tweet..

Appointed party Elizabeth Cal, Former Cabinet Minister, as Chief Election Officer overseeing the race.Those who want to run must submit an application to Kal for review and pay an admission fee of $ 40,000 by October 19th, as specified by the party’s racing rules. Document.. Candidates must fully fund the admission fee increase. You must also be a member of the NDP at least 90 days before the election date.

Hogan has been Prime Minister of British Columbia for the past five years and has attended the state legislative assembly for the past 17 years. He was elected as a state leader for the second consecutive term, but he said his health concerns were too great to run for the third consecutive year. Hogan will continue to lead the state’s NDP until the end of its leadership race.

The Canadian Press contributed to this report.

Peter Wilson


Peter Wilson is a reporter based in Ontario, Canada.