WHO provides up-to-date information on the development of monkeypox as a CDC during the vaccine release process

According to UN Health Organization officials, the World Health Organization (WHO) believes that monkeypox outbreaks are rare but can be contained.

“This hasn’t been seen in the last few years,” said Sylvie Bryan, head of the WHO epidemic and pandemic control and prevention department. Bloomberg News on tuesday. According to Brian, the disease is “still contained” and countries can prevent its spread by raising awareness by telling people about the symptoms of the virus.

“Again, with limited outbreaks, it’s also very important to have good global coordination and collaboration,” she added. “We need to share information and share diagnostic resources [and] Share the data. “

Some health officials have warned that monkeypox seems to spread primarily through sexual contact, and on Monday, WHO officials appear to be at greatest risk for gay men to infect it. Suggested. That said, long-time WHO infectious disease expert David Heymann told The Associated Press on Monday that the outbreak of monkeypox was associated with sexual transmission of the virus at two events in Spain and Belgium.

“Currently, some groups may be more likely to be exposed, but there is never a current risk of exposure to monkeypox only in the US gay and bisexual communities,” said Chief Medical Officer of the US Center. Dr. John Brooks said. In comments to CNN, for the HIV and AIDS departments of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But he still said, “Many of the people affected by the current global outbreak have been identified as homosexual.”

According to Brooks, the CDC wants people to know about the viral symptoms and infections of LGBT events and parades that occur on Memorial Day weekends. He and other health officials said monkeypox did not spread as well as COVID-19, and respiratory spread was not a major concern.

“We can report that some of the high-risk contacts of some early-stage patients have been requested to release the Jynneos vaccine from the national stockpile, which is why it is currently active.” , Said Dr. Jennifer McKistton. The director of the CDC’s High-Results Pathogens and Pathology Department within the CDC told CNN on Monday.

A relative of smallpox, monkeypox is endemic to some African countries and spreads through close contact with body fluids. Symptoms include body aches, fever, swollen lymph nodes, rashes, and lesions called “pox” that spread throughout the body.

As of Tuesday, WHO has identified 131 cases worldwide, most of which occur in Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. Several or possible cases have been reported in the United States, including Massachusetts, New York City, Utah, and Florida.

Since the monkeypox virus is associated with smallpox, the smallpox vaccine may protect individuals from monkeypox. according to On the CDC website. The US strategic national stockpile has enough smallpox vaccine to give to everyone in the United States. To tell CDC.