Who were the eight victims?

Indianapolis Members & # 39; Sikh Community

Members of the Sikh community in Indianapolis say they are “trauma” by the attack

Indianapolis officials announced the names of the eight killed When a gunman fires in a FedEx warehouse on Thursday night..

Among the victims were four members of the local Sikh community, including a mother, father, and two grandmothers. Other victims include two 19-year-old college graduates and a father.

Local Sikhs say they feel “trauma” from the attack.

It remains unclear whether Sikhs were targeted, officials said.

Approximately 90% of the facility’s workers are members of the local Sikh community, police chief Randall Taylor said.

This is what we know about victims.

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Amarjeet Johal, 66 years old

Johal was “a mother, grandmother, and a member of the Sikh community in Indianapolis.” According to the Indianapolis Star..

Her granddaughter, Komar Chohan, says she is “broken heart” with her “Naniji”, or the death of her grandmother.

“I have several families who work in a particular facility and have trauma.” Ms. Chohan said in a statement issued by the Sikh Coalition..

“My Nani, my family, and our family should not be in danger at work, in a place of worship, or anywhere,” she said. “Sufficient-our community is experiencing enough trauma.”

Jaswinder Singh, 68 years old

Shin had just started working at a FedEx facility this week and was telling everyone how excited he was in law. Harjap Singh Dillon told The New York Times.. He said Mr Shin was using a night shift mail sorter when the attack took place.

Shin, an active member of a local temple, has moved from California to Indianapolis.

“He was a simple man,” Dillon said. “He used to pray and meditate and serve the community.”

Authorities say Shin is 68 years old, but his family told the newspaper that he was 70 years old.

Amarjit Sekhon, 48 years old

The mother of two teenage sons, Sekon, started working at a FedEx facility on a night shift six months ago, her niece told The New York Times.

“She was a workaholic, always working and working. She never sat still unless she really felt sick,” her brother-in-law, Kurdip Sekon, told The Associated Press.

Authorities said Sekon was 48 years old, but her relatives said she was 49 years old.

Jaswinder Kaur, 64 years old

Cowl was planning to make her “famous yogurt” to celebrate her granddaughter’s second birthday at a large family gathering on Saturday, family member Limpi Ghan told The New York Times. Told.

“And today we are gathering to plan a funeral,” she said.

Officials said Cowl was 64, but her family told The New York Times that she was 50.

Samaria Blackwell, 19 years old

Samaria Blackwell and her parents

Samaria Blackwell (center) parents say she was an avid basketball player

Samaria Blackwell was a 19-year-old soccer and basketball enthusiast who dreamed of becoming a police officer.

Her parents, Jeff and Tammy Blackwell, said, “It was largely a blessing to have a daughter who was as fun, affectionate and compassionate as the baby in our family.” In a statement posted on the GoFundMe page launched to cover funerals and other expenses..

“Samaria is tenacious in everything she does, from playing basketball and soccer to becoming an indie park watchman,” they said. “As an intelligent, straightforward student, Samaria could have done whatever she chose to put her heart in.”

John Weisert, 74 years old

Weisert was a former Air Force officer who worked in Vietnam and previously worked as a mechanical engineer “to achieve his goals,” his son Mike Weissert told The New York Times. Mike Weisert said his father was thinking of retiring in the coming months.

Weisert’s 50-year-old wife, Mary Carroll Weisert told local broadcaster WKRC that she felt “Fear, fear, fear, shock” at his death. “I don’t know how to explain it elsewhere.”

Mary Carroll Weisert shows a photo of her husband, John Weisert, who was killed in the attack.

Mary Carroll Weisert shows a photo of her husband, John Weisert, who was killed in the attack.

A fan of action and classic movies, he enjoyed country and bluegrass guitars, according to The New York Times.

Mike Weisert described his father as “a very devoted, decent and kind person who is very devoted to protecting and providing his loved ones.”

Karli Smith, 19 years old

Smith was an older sister and a daughter, The Indianapolis Star reported that her family is saying..

A recent high school graduate was waiting for her first payment check after starting work at the factory two weeks ago, the family told the newspaper.


“She was a beautiful, beautiful and youthful teenage girl,” a family member told The Indianapolis Star. “She settled down and got a job and was just beginning to take life a little more seriously.”

Matthew R Alexander, 32

According to The Indianapolis Star, Alexander was a former Butler University student who worked for FedEx for several years.

“He was a great kid. He loved playing golf. He had a big heart-always had a smile on his face.” Former FedEx colleague Albert Ashcraft told the newspaper..

“Everyone liked him,” Ashcraft said. “He was always saving someone’s ass. People brought in donuts and he was always sticking donuts for the driver.”

“The Butler community mourns the death of former student Matthew Alexander, who was tragically killed alongside seven others at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis. I would like to express my sympathy. ” School said in a tweet..