Why Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro deserves re-election


Jair Bolsonaro is a former military officer who has been the 38th President of Brazil since January 2019. When elected President of the country in November 2018, he, on his own, put an end to the country’s infamous left-wing domination for 40 years.

Bolsonaro’s presidential campaign first gained momentum when it promised to radically reduce crime in what was once the most murderous country in the world. Bolsonaro himself was a victim of a brutal political crime during his presidential campaign and was almost fatally stabbed during a public rally in the city of Juis de Fora near Rio de Janeiro.

The attacker He was a left-wing extremist and a member of PSOL (Socialist and Liberal Party), a far-left party split from the Workers Party of former President Lula. After spending a month in the hospital Bolsonaro had a hard time Returning to the campaign trail required multiple surgeries to prevent further injuries.

The end of the military junta in the 1980s was welcomed as the dawn of a new era of human rights, but from 1985 (the first year of the civilian government) to 2018, the number of Brazilians victims of murder increased tremendously. .. 257 percent..

But after Bolsonaro became President of Brazil, the murder rate was Fall pretty dramatically.. In his first year as president, in the first two months of 2019, there was a whopping 25% decrease compared to the same period in 2018. Improvements were also seen in many other types of crime indicators, dramatically reducing rape cases. , Vehicle theft, serious physical harm, and armed robbery.

These striking figures took a positive step for Bolsonaro, especially when faced with criticisms about the response to fires throughout the Amazon rainforest.

In August 2019, French President Emmanuel Macron lied about the burning Amazon rainforest on an unprecedented scale in Brazil. Everything Macron showed was revealed, from the photos shared on his Twitter account to the barbaric claims about these fires that were harmful to humanity as a whole. false false..

In fact, under President Bolsonaro, Brazil’s Australian ambassador, Sergio Moreira Lima, wrote that Amazon’s deforestation was reduced by 72 percent. In addition, approximately 9.4 million hectares of primeval forest have been completely regenerated and an additional 2 million hectares have been planted.

Amazon rainforest burns
The burning fire in the Amazon rainforest is a photo from space captured by the geostationary meteorological satellite GOES-16 on August 21, 2019. (Distribution via NASA / NOAA / REUTERS)

As the Brazilian Ambassador points out, 60% of the country’s landscape remains covered with native plants, with more than 25% of the protected area and 50% of the Amazon alone.By comparison, only 30 percent of Brazil’s territory Single-minded In some European countries, these numbers are 65%, but in agriculture and ranch.

Jair Bolsonaro entered politics in the 1990s as a former Army captain with an undeniable conservative agenda. Mainstream domestic and international media do not appreciate his conservative approach, and if such a threat actually comes from the left, to democracy, including some members of the national Supreme Court. Often portrays him as a threat to.

On April 20, the Supreme Court of Brazil sentenced Congressman Daniel Silveira to eight years and nine months in prison for “posting an insult” against members of the court on social media, 10 votes to one. I decided arbitrarily.

Judge Luis Fuchs argued that Sylvaira’s comments constitute a “criminal anarchy” of the democratic system, and Judge Alexander de Moraes, who was the rapporteur of the case, said. Disrespect The defense’s allegation that lawmakers’ remarks are under the umbrella of “parliamentary immunity.”

“The Constitution does not allow freedom of expression to be used as a shield for hate speech or attacks on organizations,” De Moraes said. Said..

Of course, the trials and convictions of elected politicians are completely political, which violates an important principle of parliamentary immunity. Later, conservative MPs were sentenced to imprisonment in an initially closed administration for verbally offending judges. The judge also stripped parliamentary seats and banned him from running for public office in the October elections.

In this case, the judges of this court, who acted effectively as investigators, judges, and executors for their own purposes, in addition to demanding the removal of parliamentary status, 41,600 to this elected member. I imposed a heavy fine for the dollar.

Epoch Times Photo
Brazilian President Jailbol against the Brazilian Constitution during a demonstration and demonstration against the government and against the Supreme Court during the coronavirus outbreak at the Supreme Court in Brasilia, Brazil, on May 31, 2020. Supporters of Sonaro. (AndressaAnholete / Getty Images).

“Society is in legitimate shock with the conviction of a member of parliament protected by the inviolability of the opinions given to him by a constitution that uses only free speech,” said President Bolsonaro. Said..

These “new powers” of the National Supreme Court are completely unconstitutional. In Brazil, there is an incredible politicization of courts that individual judges consider to be virtually beyond the law.

Brazilians tend to consider these judicial decisions to be usually uncertain and unjustified. They believe that these non-elected members of the judiciary have failed them and now show enough courage to use constitutional powers to absolve elected members. We support a democratically elected president. And the day after the president was convicted of criticizing the judge who charged and accused the legislator, he violated the principles of separation of powers and the most basic principles of due process.

Then Bolsonaro Post On his Facebook page, there is an important message explaining that he is pardoning elected members “in the name of freedom of speech, an important pillar of our democratic society.”

According to the president

“Granting amnesty is a constitutionally discretionary and exceptional presidential measure aimed at maintaining the traditional check and balance mechanism based on the separation of powers …. As President, I am from the Constitution to Democracy. Has been tasked with taking care of the public interest. It should be protected by the principle of inviolability of opinion by the Constitution, and in view of the accusations of parliamentarians who dared to exercise their freedom of speech. Society is now in a real turmoil. “

This bizarre episode helps to put Brazil’s current political scenario in the right perspective. At home and abroad, the prejudiced media continues to spread false claims that bolsonaros are racists, misogynists, homosexuals, fascists, and so on.

No, he’s not like that. He is a true patriot and a defender of the rule of law.

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August Zimmermann


August Zimmermann is a professor and director of legal affairs at the Sheridan Institute for Higher Education in Perth. He was also President of the Western Australia (WA) Law Theory Association and was a member of the WA’s Law Amendment Committee from 2012 to 2017. Zimmermann is an Associate Professor at the University of Notre Dame, Australia, COVID-19 Restriction and Compulsory Vaccination — A Legal Perspective (Connor Court).