Why did fans turn on HBO’s “Euphoria”?



In 2022, the television was well established Don’t have to be good To keep our attention. “The joy of sin” Consume reality TV And the soap opera has been proven as well. In addition, the experience of live tweets and meme sharing has made it more fun than ever to overcome nasty writing, finding continuity errors, and roasting annoying characters. Look at the discourse around HBO Max And like that … And that Internet reaction to CheDiaz Or another sloppy reboot of the streaming platform gossip Girl..

Already polarized in the order of events that is not so surprising Euphoria In the middle of the sophomore season, he was the target of Twitter’s fierce ridicule and memes.Then Abandonment of certain character arcs In response to the awkward dialogue of author Sam Levinson’s exaggerated social commentary, the teen drama has given viewers a lot of confusion and borderline confusion. Vulture Film critic Allison Wilmore has put together the best reaction of viewers to the new season. Tweet“I haven’t seen EUPHORIA, but I love EUPHORIA Twitter because it’s hard to tell who is watching the show because who doesn’t like it and who really likes it. “

“Euphoria” is Barbie Ferreira’s cat that keeps disappearing

Seriously or jokingly, I’ve seen many people compare their viewing experiences. Euphoria’The first season to a high state that definitely works for a show that was partially told through the lens of a drug addict. Its stunning visuals, harsh scores, and enthusiastic camerawork, like the intentional style choices intended to provide an overwhelming sensory experience, in addition to the show’s dark themes and exaggerated emotions. felt. But beyond all the frills, the series introduced us to a set of very fascinating characters played by brilliant and up-and-coming actors who became beloved celebrities in a short span of two years. Similarly, many fans don’t feel rewarded for their investment in the show’s subject matter, as Levinson struggles to evenly show off his ensemble.

Season 2 began with two exciting developments. It’s a shocking hookup between Kathy and Nate and an affair between fans’ favorite Fesco and Lexi. Levinson was mainly interested in drawing the former, especially Kathy’s obsession with Nate and the two explicit sex scenes. This case goes beyond other stories, such as the protagonist Lou and her fight against drinking. Given his tendency to build suspense for terrible results, it makes sense to indulge in this particular subplot over the rest. However, fans have noticed a lack of stories and shorter screen times for other intriguing characters. Cat, played primarily by Barbie Ferreira, briefly appeared in the episode to express her dissatisfaction with her relationship with Ethan before disappearing into the background. (I guess Levinson doesn’t know what to do with a healthy and healthy relationship, but the online rumor factory says that. Levinson and Ferreira dropped out).

Meanwhile, while Lexi’s role has increased this season, Levinson hasn’t given her an inner life beyond what Kathy’s foil is. In addition, the long-awaited romance between her and Fez has not yet been realized, but there are still some episodes. Most surprisingly, Zendaya’s Emmy-winning performance as Rue appears primarily to remind us that she’s not calm or that she snorts an excessive amount of drug. It’s pretty boring to see. In her first season, her drug use and her ability to find herself in other dangerous situations were truly frustrating, sad, and painful to her nerves. But looking at her slump in episodes of the same bizarre functional state from episode to episode, there was little more than that, and the anxiety of observing her addiction was alleviated.

Season 2, especially the last two episodes, also has a strange interest in Cal Jacobs, the character with the least empathy.In an attempt to infuse Nate’s menacing father with humanity, Levinson deserves his predation against other queer people by revealing that the birth of his eldest son was unplanned. Gave him something When Derailed his up-and-coming romance with a male classmate. Unfortunately, his career wasn’t a peculiar tragedy or enough to explain his habit of filming a sex partner without the consent of the sex partner. Still, he ended the show in a triumphant way, with some viewers curiously applauding his boldness and openly hating his family.

Some of the current contempt Euphoria Born from Levinson’s remaining hatred for the 2021 Netflix feature Malcolm & Marie And the reputation that the filmmaker built for himself in the aftermath. The less-accepted, dialogue-led hands highlighted Levinson’s weaknesses as a screenwriter and ideas of lack of information about film criticism, Hollywood, and race, and then targeted him on film Twitter for ridicule. .. therefore, Euphoria Fans have no reservations to point out the harsh dialogue and poor production of the season.White tyler perry.. “

Fans of this season were disappointed, but “Euphoria The next Monday on Twitter is a holiday of their own, full of memes, still images and reaction tweets. Given that the pandemic is expecting less and less from us, it makes sense that consuming the show, regardless of quality, has at least been a fun collaborative experience.In addition, people also claim that the series is easy to digest when consumed as comedy or Reality show Not a “Prestige” drama.

I love you from the looks of the internet Euphoria He loves the character and hates it, but he wants to rewrite it while investing deeply in the storyline-an experience as chaotic as the show itself.

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