“Why do you always have to wait for us?”


Northwest and Kim Cardasia Inn walking down the street in semi-formal clothes in Portofino, Italy

Northwest and Kim Kardashian in Portofino, Italy in May 2022.NINO / GC image

  • The viral video shows Kim Kardashian’s daughter Northwest confronting the paparazzi in Paris.

  • In the video, North asks, “Why do you always have to wait for us?”

  • Kim and her family are in Paris for a reality star fashion week debut.

Kim Kardashian’s The eldest daughter, Northwest, made a witty comment when she confronted the paparazzi taking a picture of her in Paris.

Daughter of North Reality star Her ex-husband, Kanye West, is currently in the French capital with her family to support her mother’s runway debut at Paris Fashion Week.

Photographers gathered outside the restaurant Ferdi on Tuesday night. There, North, her friend Ryan Romulus, Kardashian’s cousin Sitibussy, and Kardashian himself had dinner.

A viral video posted by @patylzyd on TikTok shows North complaining about paparazzi as he leaves the building. “Why do you always have to wait for us?”

After laughing from the crowd, you hear the voice, “We love you, because you are so famous. We love you, north.”

When Kardashian finally left the building, she said: “Oh, no sea.”

Kardashian has Kanye West and four children. 9-year-old North, 6-year-old Saint, 4-year-old Chicago, and 3-year-old Psalm.

Kardashian talked about his relationship with his eldest daughter in a previous interview. In March, the founder of SKIMS Vogue Fashion Power Conference that North is “very disagreeable” about what his mother is wearing.

“She will always complain that I’m wearing too much black,” Kardashian said. According to people.

In April, Kardashian admitted in “The Ellen DeGeneres” that North had styled reality star Vogue Cover Shoot for March 2022. The original outfit said, “It was very boring.”

Last year, Kardashian also Kita joked that she was her ex-husband’s “twin” Between Interview with the podcast “Honestly with Bari Weiss” After a 9 year old Tik Tok live tour Her family home without the permission of her mother.

Last month, Kardashian I had to gently scold her two sons, the saint and the Psalms. After they started making noise during her live interview “Tonight’s show starring Jimmy Fallon.”

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