Why do you protect embryos but not children?



CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota confronts Texas Republican lawmakers on inaction against gun violence on Wednesday, focusing on depriving women of access to abortion rather than protecting schoolchildren. I asked the reason directly.

“What we want to know is what your solution is,” Camerota asked state legislator James White while standing in front of him. Rob Elementary School In Yuvalde, Texas 19 students were killed on tuesday. “We’ve all seen how quickly and creatively Texas (your local council) can act, for example, when you want to protect your unborn baby. Live in this school behind me. Would you like to act with that agility to protect your breathing 10-year-olds? “

Camerota is a state Restrictive 2021 lawProhibits abortion after 6 weeks of gestation and allows individuals to file civil suits against those who carry out or facilitate abortion procedures.

White, a 12-year-old state legislator who recently lost his first bid for the Commissioner of Agriculture of Texas, told Camerota: Texas Governor Greg Abbott admitted that shooter Salvador Ramos did not suffer from known mental health problems, but he then focused on turning his finger on mental health problems. I moved my leg.

“What we really need to pay attention to is these young men who, for some reason, have a very confused emotional state, whether in Buffalo or in Yuvarde,” White said. Said. “We need to look at our mental health system.”

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White’s comments reflected a common issue among Republicans on gun restrictions. In the hours following Tuesday’s massacre, Conservatives insist Tighter gun control would not have prevented violence.

Still, White’s claim was immediately called by anchor Victor Blackwell. Victor Blackwell noted Abbott’s concessions and noted White’s highly favorable 92 percent rating from the National Rifle Association. “They say this was a lonely and confused criminal act,” Blackwell said. “There was no evidence that there was a mental illness.”

White tried to grab Anchor’s comment, claiming that the word “derangid” indicates that Blackwell also believes it is due to mental illness. In the future, Congress will look to “everything,” White said.

“But in the end, we see people doing these things and we’re going to convict them and punish them,” White said.

“You can’t convict him, Sir,” Camerota counterattacked. “I can’t convict him. He was killed. He was killed with 19 children at the school behind me.”

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