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The author of this letter wants to keep their names private for fear of retaliation and docking because they donated to Freedom Convoy.

Recently, thousands of people and hundreds of trucks from all over Canada have arrived in Ottawa, and the government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has lifted the restrictions on Canadians by COVID-19, especially requiring 100% of the population. Requested to abolish the requirement. Get vaccinated, wear a mask, and block business activities on a regular basis.

When tens of thousands of people inside and outside Canada donate money to a crowdfunding organization, hackers break into the crowdfunding organization’s computer system and get a list of donors and donations, some of which include it. I sent it to the media. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Public Broadcasting Station.

The CBC then sent an email message to donors living in Ottawa asking if they agreed to the interview. As one of the donors, I agreed. However, to avoid the possibility of false citations, we have sent the following “Top 10” list of reasons for donations to the CBC. CBC did not respond. I hope it helps shed some light on the controversy.

1. I support the elimination of vaccination obligations that unfairly punish those who conscientiously believe that the risk of vaccination outweighs their benefits. In my opinion, this is a basic principle of public health. Don’t be afraid to let your body accept medicines or other foreign substances and cause harm. This is a matter of personal freedom and privacy.

2. This principle is supported by many other factors and principles.World Health Organization Position paper On February 1, 2021, it presented WHO’s view on the validity of the requirements for proof of vaccination for travelers, and by implication, indicated the mandatory vaccine.that is “The scope and duration of antibody-mediated immunity to protect against SARs-Cov-2 reinfection has not been scientifically established. Available serologic measures for individual immunity to SARS-Cov-2. There are also concerns about the suitability of the test. “” Establishing various stages of restrictions on personal freedom, which can undermine socialization and travel freedom, violate privacy expectations and discriminate against vulnerable groups. There is a risk of adopting enforcement practices … from an ethical and legal point of view, testing for a negative protective antibody has the same meaning as testing for a positive infection. Should not be considered a threat to infections simply because an individual lacks immunity to SARS-CoV-2 … Policy makers choose the option that does not violate the individual’s freedom the most need to do it.”

3. The risks associated with the vaccines currently available are not significant. In addition to the concerns expressed by many prominent doctors and scientists, vaccines are rushed to be distributed without completing animal or human trials, usually prior to official approval, giving pharmaceutical companies full protection for liability. Due to side effects, and pharmaceutical companies have refused to publish raw clinical trial data by 2025 so that independent experts can assess the safety and efficacy of injections. .. In addition, information on the adverse effects of past vaccinations has been rigorously censored in Europe and North America. That fact alone will raise concerns.

4. Statements by public health experts and statistics published by public health authorities question the theory that fully vaccinated ones are less of a source of viral infection than unvaccinated ones. Recently, Dr. Kieran Moore, Chief Medical Officer of Ontario, confirmed that two doses of the vaccine provide minimal protection against infection. Data released by the Ontario Public Health Service (the only state authority to publish such information) show that 75-80% (about 98% Omicron) of new COVID infections were fully infected throughout January 2022. Shows that you have been vaccinated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed in a recent study that fully vaccinated ones can infect the virus as well as unvaccinated ones. The combination of these two facts undermines the rationale for mandatory vaccination, especially when the number of unvaccinated populations is less than 10% of the population over the age of 18, as in Canada.

5. Vaccine obligations discriminate against people who have achieved innate immunity, especially those infected with COVID-19. Several recent studies have shown that innate immunity from previous infections is stronger and lasts longer than vaccine-based immunity.

6. The penalties imposed on unvaccinated individuals were excessive to the point of cruelty. People have been dismissed from work without the opportunity to appeal, with no retirement, or with no loss of pension benefits. In addition, the federal government has brutally robbed them of unemployment insurance benefits. To insult the injury, those who defended their right to work in other situations abandoned them for ideological reasons.

7. The federal or state government did not conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the measures taken to limit civil liberties and block the economy. Therefore, the government has shown that it has neglected its responsibility to the public to weigh all the strengths and weaknesses of public policy before it is implemented.

8. According to the Stringency Index developed by Oxford University to measure the severity of anti-COVID policies imposed by the government (see). Data of our world (For explanation), Canada is consistently ranked among the strictest and most generous jurisdictions in the world. Restrictions on Canadian freedom are stricter and longer lasting than in all but 10 other countries. The Freedom Convoy symbolizes the average Canadian desire to end this seemingly endless abuse and regain our lives.

9. What choices truck drivers and the average Canadian make in the face of the Prime Minister’s contempt and the fact that major federal parties do not want to listen to and respond to their concerns. Did you do it?

10. The truck driver demonstrated peacefully, appealing to patriotism and the understanding of fellow Canadians. This is a much better approach to political objections than most other groups.

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