Why NASA chose SpaceX to build a lunar module

Friday NASA Tap SpaceX will help bring humans back to the moon later in the decade as part of the Artemis program.

The agency announced on Friday that it would grant Elon Musk’s company a $ 2.89 billion contract for the development of a starship vehicle, unmanned flight tests on the moon, and finally a crew mission to land on the moon. Did. SpaceX has defeated Dynetics and Blue Origin on this occasion because of its affordability. SpaceX bids were about half that of Dynetics and a quarter of Blue Origin. Ars Technica Report.. As a result, Starship has many innovative features that have made it an attractive candidate, but as NASA struggles to secure funding from Congress for a lunar landing, “budget is the biggest factor. It seems it was. “

Ars Technica suggest But NASA probably hasn’t done, “The only source award for SpaceX for human landing systems is more established by traditional space companies like Lockheed Martin and new entrants like Blue Origin. It certainly won’t be particularly popular in Congress. The power of lobbying. “In other words, the move is in support of the Artemis project and its goals, with a clear message from NASA and the White House. And send it to the Senate budget creator. “read more Ars Technica..

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