Why only the poorest North Koreans live in the country’s high-rise penthouses

North Korea has completed the construction of an 80-story residential skyscraper with a penthouse in the capital of Pyongyang, but reportedly only some of the country’s most disadvantaged people are in the country’s high-rise apartments. I chose to live on the top floor of.

According to the flawed, many North Koreans have problems with the upper floors of these apartments due to poor elevator function, electrical problems, minimal water supply, overall safety and poor quality. It states that it is. Reuters..

“In North Korea, poor people live in penthouses rather than rich people because lifts are often not functioning properly and cannot pump water due to low pressure,” said a 31-year-old North Korean defector. Says Jung Shiu. He told Reuters.

Jung gave an example: “My friend who lived on the 28th floor of a 40-story block never used the elevator because the elevator wasn’t working. Most elevators are from 6am to morning. It worked only twice a day during peak commuting hours until 8 o’clock, and at the same time in the evening. “

North Koreans are not given many options because they are assigned homes and buying and selling homes is illegal.

according to State mediaHousing development is an important goal for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who promised to build thousands of apartments. On Wednesday, the country took pride in its completion time and quality and completed the construction of 10,000 new apartments.

But in Jung’s opinion, effort is theater. “It’s not about people’s tastes, it’s about how much construction technology has improved.”

Lee Sang-yoon, editor-in-chief of the Daily NK, a Seoul-based website that reports on North Korea, confirmed Chung’s claim, and his sources said, “Apartments for the general public are ready to live. It wasn’t done. ”

“Windows had only a frame and the water faucet wasn’t working when it was installed, but the recently completed luxury homes are fully furnished and cooked,” explains Lee.

Kim Jong-un Recently talented North Korean TV caster Ri Chun Hee’s two-story luxury condominium has pledged allegiance, saying, “Like Ri Chun Hee, who has lived a noble life with a revolutionary microphone, he is a national treasure.”

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