Why Rogers was fined and 3 Bucks was suspended

Aaron Rodgers flaunts the NFL / NFLPA Coronavirus Protocol and receives a fine that barely appears in his salary.

Antonio Brown and the other two will do the same and will be suspended for three games.

What do you get?

It’s complicated, but in some respects it’s also very simple why the Packers quarterback was fined $ 14,650, the total negotiated between the league and the players’ union during the development of the COVID-19 protocol. is. And why did Brown, teammate Mike Edwards, and former Buccaneer’s player John Franklin III suffer far more from tampering with vaccination documents?

Rogers was fined for not wearing a mask at Halloween parties and press conferences. A joint investigation by the NFL and the union revealed that he is wearing masks elsewhere and is compliant with the protocol.

Rogers misunderstood the public and the media, but he informed the club (told the NFL) and his teammates of his status. Indeed, everyone in his ecosystem was aware that he was not vaccinated, and he was testing COVID-19 daily and was socially distant at the team facility. When he didn’t, it was those exceptions that led to fines.

The Packers were nailed for $ 300,000 due to lack of surveillance in the Rogers case. It is arguable whether it indicates organizational collusion.

Tampa Bay wasn’t fined, but no Brown missed the last five games due to an ankle injury, losing a significant defensive back back to Edwards on part of a stretch run. He also stopped Bacchus’ third week defeat to the Los Angeles Rams after a positive COVID-19 test.

The actions of Brown, Edwards, and Franklin began during the summer, and people familiar with the case said they “acted as if they were vaccinated when they were not vaccinated.” The person spoke on condition of anonymity because no particular violation of the player was announced.

“The league wanted to make these three examples,” he said. “And they wanted to interrupt them 6 to 8 games, so they settled on 3 games.”

The agreement was that the player took three game suspensions due to repeated protocol violations, did not appeal, and had no official statement about the fake vaccination card.

Another person who knew the incident directly told The Associated Press that all three players were currently vaccinated.

“These players endangered everyone, endangered themselves and their families, teammates and team personnel,” he said on anonymous terms. “They weren’t wearing masks (if needed) and weren’t tested daily as if they were vaccinated.”

At last summer’s training camp, all 32 NFL teams were visited and advised on the updated COVID-19 protocol. As early as July 22, the league gave a presentation to the club looking for a fake vaccination card and pointed out to the team that it could happen, based on media reports from people who bought the fake card. Did. The NFL emphasized that placing the FBI logo in slide presentations and obtaining and using fake vaccination cards is a law enforcement issue that can lead to prison time.

And the Players Association confirmed that if they had fake vaccination documents, all members were aware that they had actually forged federal documents.

However, the protocol does not outline the discipline of such violations. Therefore, negotiations between the league and the union that resulted in the docking of the three games.

It was speculated that the history of Brown’s misconduct, including suspension of eight games in 2020, due to violations of the NFL’s personal course of action, has resulted in stricter discipline. Both the league and the union argued that this was not the case.

The Brown / Edwards / Franklin case was the first disciplinary action with suspension and was announced through a joint statement by the NFL and NFLPA. This reflects the seriousness of both Protocols.

Are there more such scenarios? The numbers say it’s unlikely, as about 95% of NFL players are vaccinated and provide valid and validated evidence. By imposing relatively large penalties for such violations, both the league and the union hope to receive a large message.

Still, imagine that one or more star players receive a stop when the message isn’t heard or noticed and the playoff time rolls around in 6 weeks.


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