Why Trump has abandoned his iconic brand for a number

Washington — Donald Trump spent his life with his name steak To skyscraper To Stimulation checkBut now, the former president seems to have replaced the gold-plated name with number 45.

Last week, the 45th President launched a new official website, 45Office.com. This is a different URL than its predecessor who used his name for the web address.

The shift from Trump’s name to numbers extends to his entire political fortune.

You can access his PAC at SaveAmerica45.com.Old tweets of his White House can be found at @ WhiteHouse45.. And when his lawyer Bruce Castor signed to represent him in his second impeachment case, he said, “I think it’s a privilege to represent the 45th president.”

As Prince changes his name to symbol, Trump goes against convention. Former presidents usually use their numbers only as a chevrolet between insiders and friends. Barack Obama, the only other president who regularly uses Twitter, archives his old tweets. @ObamaWhiteHouse..

“He was a” different “type of candidate and president, but now he is a” different “type of former president and has a global brand to manage (and is expected to run again in 2024),” the company said. John Voight said. A consultant working in the real estate industry said in an email.

Trump’s 45 offices did not respond to requests for comment. Those who think about corporate and political branding say he’s unlikely to make a light decision.

Branding is Trump’s business — even Bill Clinton called himMaster Brander“—And one of his lawyers because he protects his name so much Sent a threatening letter Demands that the Republican National Committee and other GOP groups stop using his portrait in funding marketing (they refused).

“They can never rob him of that number,” said Sam Nunberg, one of Trump’s early political advisers before they broke up. “Just psychologically when you say president [Jimmy] If Carter or you say President George HW Bush, I think you’re a “first president.” But if you include the number 45th president, the connection won’t be that fluid. “

It may also help him avoid reminders of being a loser.

He will never be called the “former” president in official communications from Trump, who refused to approve the 2020 elections and mistakenly made supporters believe that the outcome could be overturned until the inauguration. He is always the “45th President of the United States.” American state. “

“It’s no coincidence,” said David Johnson, Atlanta’s corporate branding consultant, adding that “continuing his myth that he is still the President of the United States and strengthening his followers and their message.” ..

Trump’s new website, 45Office.com, announced January 12 less than a week after Trump’s supporters rioted in the Capitol in an attempt to stop counting electoral votes with President Joe Biden’s victory. Created on the day. Internet record..

Many politicians are known to staff and friends by nicknames and initials — Hillary Clinton is “HRC”. Former President Bush is distinguished as “41” and “43” — and Trump is “45” for many of his aides and followers.

Mr. Trump is not one of them yet, but some supporters have filed trademark applications for “45” brand apparel with the US Patent Office.

“As Mel Brooks yogurt says in Spaceballs,’merchandising, merchandising that makes real money from movies.’ Trump is a brand.’45’is a logo,” he said. Greg Behr, co-founder of a marketing consulting firm based in Durham, North Carolina and working with companies such as Google and Uber, said in an email.

“Think of it as Michael Jordan’s” 23, “” Behr added. “That number has become synonymous with men, and it’s appealing to fans to own and display some of it. When you see the” 45 “deployed in a variety of products you own. think. “”

Then there is the fact that the Trump brand can use refresh.

“I’m teased by putting my name on my building or casino. It’s mostly a marketing strategy. Trump’s buildings get higher rent,” Trump wrote in his 2000 book, The America We Deserve. I am writing.But after his hotel and real estate businesses, that may no longer be true Suffering From his relationship with the split president.

“The’Trump’brand was hurt by election defeat and double impeachment,” said David Painter, who worked on branding for 20 years before joining Rollins College in Florida. “Therefore, Trump adopted the” 45 “(it is His monogram in his shirt) Being a neutral number, I probably want people to have a relationship with him, rather than his actual age or characteristics of his presidency. “

Some of Trump’s former top aides Identify Join the public bios as a graduate of “White House 45” or exclude Trump altogether. Probably because they put a little distance behind them when looking for a job. Tough employment market For former Trump staff.

The adoption of “45” is probably a bit ironic. Because it was the left-wing critics who first insisted on referring to Trump numerically. “Don’t use his name so far,” wrote Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter Bernice King. Viral Facebook Post A few days after Trump took office. “45 is fine”

It was a fairly common sentiment between professional and liberal activists during the height of the so-called resistance movement.

“Impeachment 45! Impeachment 45! Impeachment 45!” Maxine Waters, D-Calif. , I said toast In July 2017, it became a hot topic at the moment of controversy.

Again, it may be a mistake to over-read the man’s movements, known for his impulsive decisions.

“People will say he seems to be playing 3D chess, but sometimes he’s just playing with blocks,” said early Trump adviser Numberg. “He’s crazy about’thes’—’apprentice’, mogul, icon, baron of real estate. 45th president.”