Why you need to be skeptical of recent reports of UFO sightings

Flood of media coverage from “60 minutes,” The· New York Times And Others about UFOs (Also known as Unidentified aerial phenomenon) It’s hard to understand.

Did the government admit that UFOs are genuine? What are all those different blurry videos?What is this (Maybe) UAP report coming in June??

I’ve been talking about this for the past four years and I’ll try to understand it. First, some context.

Since then There were UFO enthusiasts in the 1950s. Those who think that the reported sightings represent an incredible new technology, perhaps an alien, take all humanity to the next level once studied. Lead the era of flying cars, free energy, and cultural exchange between humans and aliens.

Many in the UFO community believe that not sharing everything the government knows about UFOs is hampering progress towards this dream. So they try to encourage the government to make a fuss — what they call “disclosure”.

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Earlier this month President Barack Obama was asked about UFOs at the Late ShowAfter making some jokes, he said: “There are images and recordings of objects in the sky, but I don’t know exactly what they are. I can’t explain how they moved, orbits. It wasn’t easy. Explanation Possible patterns. So … people are still taking it seriously and trying to investigate and understand what it is. “

For many UFO fans, this was a high point in the recent wave of what they see as a confirmation that “disclosure” is imminent.

This wave started over 3 years ago New York Times article “Shining Aura and Black Money” published About the existence of a semi-secret government program investigating UFO sightings. This article comes with two UFO videos, the third published a few months later.

Things reached a frenzy in April 2020 When the Pentagon re-released those same videos, Explained that it had been improperly released before, and confirmed that it had been robbed by Navy personnel and showed what was classified as “unconfirmed.”

After that, the Pentagon basically answered the inquiry with a standard answer of saying nothing and settled.

Media interest was important. Approval that they are Navy videos of unidentified flying objects is considered a confirmation that “UFOs are genuine”, and “UFO” is equivalent to “aliens” in general terms, so “government is an alien. Is genuine. ” “”

UAP report request part of COVID bill

The “disclosure” tsunami drips. In August, Pentagon announces establishment of “UAP Task Force” Detects and analyzes intrusions into the training area by unauthorized aircraft, or designated airspace inspections of intrusions that are first reported as UAPs if the observer cannot immediately identify what he is observing. And catalog it. “

Then in December, A report on the status of UAP was incorporated into the Coronavirus Relief Billl.

If the quality of the leaked evidence is (and probably is) some indicator, there is no significant revelation of the existence of crafts that are contrary to physics, and certainly no strong evidence of visiting an alien.

If the quality of the leaked evidence is (and probably is) some indicator, there is no significant revelation of the existence of crafts that are contrary to physics, and certainly no strong evidence of visiting an alien.

The three videos that partially driven this wave were boasted as typical examples of “official” UFOs. They were alleged to have shown evidence of impossible physics or advanced technology, perhaps an anti-gravity warp drive (suggesting aliens).

What the “UFO Video” actually shows

However, A scrutiny of videos by yourself and others In the three years since they were released, they have been shown to be far more mediocre than originally thought.

The “shining aura” mentioned in the New York Times heading is Processing artifacts common to thermal cameras..

It turns out that the impossible acceleration envisioned in the “Tic-Tac” video coincides with (and is therefore caused by) the sudden movement of the camera. I came to the conclusion that the objects in the video aren’t really doing anythingl.

The video titled “Go Fast” was alleged to show that an object without a heat source (and therefore no traditional engine) is moving over the surface of the sea unreasonably fast.

But some 10th grade trigonometry has shown to be much higher than it actually looksThe actual speed was similar to the wind speed, creating the illusion of movement. So it was probably just a balloon.

The most compelling video, “Gimbal,” seems to show a real flying saucer skimming over clouds, stopping, and strangely spinning into an aerodynamically impossible position.

However, a closer look at this video revealed that as the “object” rotates, the other light patches in the scene rotate.

The only possible explanation is Rotation was a camera artifact, And the “flying saucer” was simply infrared glare from the engine of a distant aircraft flying.Ann Examining camera patents reveals the gimbal mechanism that causes the apparent rotation..

Since then, two more videos have been leaked from the UAP Task Force. Both seemed amazing at first. An underwater sphere that moves in a zigzag pattern with a flying triangle.

But like the previous three, they have become more mundane under scrutiny.

I got you The triangle looked and worked exactly like an out-of-focus airplane, And that The sphere was shown not to be zigzag, Probably another glare, will disappear behind the horizon rather than underwater.

Given the disappointing mediocrity of video evidence, what can we expect from the next UAP report scheduled for June?

Well, UAP is a serious problem for the military. If you can’t quickly identify an aircraft intrusion, you don’t understand what the pilot is seeing, or if the radar return looks like a moving object at super-fast speeds, they’re a real problem.

It is inevitable that foreign enemies are developing new forms of drones for espionage and combat purposes. You need to detect this and counter it.

These are all real problems and need to be explained in a comprehensive report, along with suggestions for better tracking and investigation of such incidents.

A mystery remains. The pilot who reported the engagement with what the giant flight Tic-Tac saw, like the subject of several other incidents, has not yet been identified. The cause of ghostly or fast-moving radar returns is also often unknown. However, because the systems are categorized, the Pentagon will not tell you if the system is defective or inadequate.

Also, many photos and videos will not get the right answer just because the object being displayed is too far away no matter which camera you are using. However, “unconfirmed” means only that. It does not mean advanced technology.

If the quality of the leaked evidence is (and probably is) some indicator, there is no significant revelation of the existence of crafts that are contrary to physics, and certainly no strong evidence of visiting an alien.

The real issue raised by Obama is worth serious consideration, but it is not disclosed because there is nothing to disclose.

Mick West is the founder of Metabunk.org, A forum about conspiracy theory rants.He is the author of “Escape from the Rabbit Hole: How to Uncover Conspiracy Theory Using Facts, Logic, and Respect”

This article was originally published in USA TODAY: UFO sightings: why federal reports probably don’t point to aliens

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