Wife, pitcher Tyler Skaggs’ parents sued Los Angeles Angels, two former executives

Former Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs’ wife and parents filed proceedings in Fort Worth and Los Angeles on Tuesday, accusing two former officials and a major league baseball team of causing his illegal death.

Skaggs found dead at a hotel in Southlake July 2019.

A medical inspector in Tarrant County determined that the cause of death was “mixed poisoning of ethanol, fentanyl, and oxycodone and final aspiration of stomach contents.”

Proceedings nominated as defendant Former Angels Communications Directors Tim Mead and Eric Kay Three entities that own or manage an angel.

Kay was indicted by a federal grand jury in October 2020 on federal drug charges related to Skaggs’ death... His trial is scheduled for August 16th in Fort Worth.

“Without the fake pill fentanyl provided by Angels employee Eric Kay, Tyler would be alive today, as the federal grand jury’s complaint made clear and painfully clear,” said Houston. Rusty Hardin & Associates Attorney Rusty Hardin said. A law firm representing the Skaggs family in a news release on Tuesday. “And if the angels did a better job of overseeing Eric Kay, Tyler would be alive today.”

A proceeding in Los Angeles identified the plaintiff as the property of Carli Skags and Tyler Skaggs. In Tarrant County, the plaintiffs are Skaggs’ parents, Debbie Hetman and Darrell Skaggs.

Both proceedings require a jury trial and unspecified damages to be decided in court.

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