“Wikipedia is more one-sided than ever.”

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger wrote in a website entry on Black Lives Matter, the 2020 elections, two impeachments by former President Donald Trump, and other controversial topics. In light, the online encyclopedia warned that it was “more unilateral than ever.” ..

Sanger, in particular, had a problem with how some Wikipedia entries were sourced.

“In short, and with a few exceptions, only globalist and progressive mainstream sources, and globalist progressiveist-friendly sources, are allowed,” he wrote. Articles on his website..

Centrist media outlets such as The Daily Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, and The Weekly Standard may be allowed to procure, but Wikipedia editors said, “Be careful not to leave the current progressive thinking overton window. There are. “

Facebook Inc takes a top-down approach to content moderation. Unlike Twitter and Twitter, Wikipedia, which turned 20 earlier this year, relies primarily on unpaid volunteers to handle issues related to user behavior, entry editing, and other aspects. Site management.

Wikipedia has 230,000 volunteer editors working on crowdsourced articles and more than 3,500 “administrators” who can take actions such as blocking accounts and restricting editing of specific pages. according to In a Reuters article.

In addition, Sanger suggested that Wikipedia’s editors “systematically wiped out conservative mainstream media sources.” Editors don’t want to hear what they dismiss as “misinformation” or “conspiracy theory.” With that said, they (and similarly prejudiced institutions) explicitly claim exclusive control over what is possible. They want to set the boundaries of the debate and tell you what you think about it. “

Sanger said Wikipedia has banned Fox News from using political coverage, the New York Post, and the Daily Mail as sources.

Other conservative websites such as Breitbart, Blaze, The Daily Wire, Gateway Pundit, and Newsmax are also banned, according to the Wikipedia page on available sources.

“Many mainstream sources of conservative, liberal, or contrarian opinions, such as quilettes, federalists, and daily callers, are also banned from Wikipedia,” he added. “They may be contrarian or conservative, but they are rarely” radical. ” They are still mainstream. So how can such a perspective be broadcast on Wikipedia? Answer: Often this is not the case if there is no “trustworthy source” available to report on them. “

“Wikipedia, like many other prejudiced institutions in our brave new digital world, has become a kind of thought police that effectively constrains the conservative views they disagree with. It’s no exaggeration to say, “Sanger wrote. Conclusion on his website. “Democracy cannot thrive in such situations. I argue that Wikipedia has become an active opponent of democracy.”

But democracy “needs to give every view on controversial issues so that voters can make their own decisions,” he argued.

“When the main sources of society march on the rock steps of ideology, they make a mockery of democracy, and wealthy and powerful people are of some recognized organs of accepted thinking. All you have to do is gain control, and they will be able to manipulate and ultimately control a very important political dialogue, “Sanger concludes.

Jimmy Wales, another co-founder of Sanger, created Wikipedia in 2001. Sanger gave it that name. Sanger left the project the following year and has been criticizing the website for years.

The Epoch Times contacted Wikipedia for comment.

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