Wild Fight highlights include one athlete being knocked down immediately after provoking an opponent.

Oliver and El Pidio.

Oliver and El Pidio.Photo by UFC Fight Pass

  • Regional mixed martial arts can produce the strangest and wildest finishes.

  • I’ve seen upkick KOs in the last few weeks and regret that one fighter immediately provoked his opponent.

  • See the highlights here.

area MMA In many cases, you can create some of the best footage of any martial art.

Recent weekends are no exception. The featured clip below shows a fighter being kicked hard and flying in the sky.

Another athlete began to curse his opponent, but regretted his strategy when he was struck on the floor after the showboat.

Elsewhere, after being kicked hard by the skull, a struggling fighter shook off his match.

Highlights come from many fight sports promotions such as the Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA), Combate Global and Octagon League.

The flyweight fighter Anho sent Matt Baro flying in the air with a brutal head kick.

Ho flew a flyweight opponent.

Ho flew a flyweight opponent.Photo by LFA

In martial arts, it is often misunderstood that lightweight athletes cannot match the excitement of large fighters like heavyweights.

Well, Anho is here to prove that those people are wrong.

The flyweight literally flew an LFA135 opponent into the air with an almighty head kick during a July 8 fight at the Federal Theater in Arizona, Phoenix.

Almost equally impressive, Vietnamese athletes did it in their second professional fight, moving their professional MMA records from two wins to two undefeated and perfect knockouts.

Watch the front row footage of the Anho finish here:

The LFA 135 was the top 12 card in the welterweight main event between Alfonso Reyba and Daniel Wraith.

Reyba won the second round with a technical knockout finish with her elbows.

These elbows are:

One fighter at the Octagon League show in Kazakhstan withdrew from the match after being kicked hard on his skull.

Geovane Vargas quit after kicking his head badly.

Geovane Vargas quit after kicking his head badly.Photo by Octagon League

Geovane Vargas said the third round of MMA match with Bekzat Almakhan at the Octagon League show in Almaty, Kazakhstan, aired on YouTube on July 1st, was sufficient.

It was devastating as Almakan broke the skull Vargas with a head kick. He rethought why he was in the match in the first place.

The impact of the Almakan strike on Vargas can be clearly seen in the clip below. Vargas seemed vaguely confused and almost confused, even though it remained on his feet.

After defeating Vargas, Almakan advanced his professional MMA record to 12 wins (10 knockouts and two submissions) for just one defeat.

At Combate Global, “Torito” Ramirez defeated Jose Mercado in the first round and gave a perfect upkick.

Fight global up kicks.

Fight global up kicks.Photo by Combate Global

“Torito” Ramirez turned Combate Global’s opponent Jose Mercado into a place of victory when he ended up with a strike he threw when his back was on the mat.

The upkick had a devastating effect on Mercado, giving Ramirez an early finish.

“Like a comet” Combate Global boss Campbell McLaren tweeted on July 8th.. “Up kick KO occurs once every 10 and a half years.”

It was the first victory of Ramirez’s career — and perhaps he will remember forever.

Trito Ramirez celebrates his first round knockout victory.

Trito Ramirez celebrates his first round knockout victory.Photo by Combate Global

See a great victory here:

The victory rebounded from last year’s early retreat to Oscar Herrera, advancing Ramirez’s professional MMA record to one victory (one knockout) for one defeat.

Elsewhere, Olivera quickly discovered that taunting Marco Elpidio could quickly backfire. It started with a Conor McGregor-style back stance …

Oliver and El Pidio.

Oliver and El Pidio.Photo by UFC Fight Pass

… After a while, Olivera was messed up on the canvas because of Elpidio’s overhand rights.

Oliver and El Pidio.

Oliver and El Pidio.Photo by UFC Fight Pass

Take a look at the wild clip here:

That wasn’t the only thing these fighters were having an affair in the middle of the match:

And finally, a complete round back to the LFA — Allan Begoso undoubtedly achieved the best night finish on this Flying Knee.

Alan Bagus.

Arambe Gosso.Photo by UFC Fight Pass

At the LFA135 event on July 8th, Brazilian bantamweight mixed martial arts Allan Begosso arguably had the best knockout of the entire series when he finished Paris Stanford with his first round of Flying Knees. I returned it.

check it out:

Victory advanced Begosso’s professional MMA record to seven victories (three knockouts, three submissions, one decision) for one defeat.

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