Wild swan author and translator

According to the Chinese author, the Epoch Times is one of the main targets of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Hong Kong.

Pu Zhang, a writer and novelist from Chengdu, China, is the younger brother of Yun Chang, the Chinese translator and author of the award-winning autobiography “Wild Swan: Three Daughters of China.”

Epoch Times Photo
Pu Zhang (L), Jung Chang (R), and their mother, who live in Chengdu, China in 2010. (Courtesy: Pu Zhang)

Zhang told The Epoch Times on April 18 that he felt both resentment and pride when he heard the sabotage of the Epoch Times in Hong Kong on April 12.

Early on April 12, four masked intruders broke into Hong Kong’s Epoch Times printing factory, crushing and throwing equipment construction waste before escaping into a white van. The Hong Kong version of The Epoch Times had to be unsubscribed until April 16th.

This is the fifth time a printing press has been disrupted since it was founded in 2006.

June Guo, director of The Epoch Times Hong Kong edition, has been followed by publication staff for the past 20 years, threatening parts of mainland Chinese families, and pressure on advertising clients, business partners, and landlords. It was being hung.

Construction waste on top of printing press equipment
Construction scraps on the printing press equipment of a printing press that prints the Hong Kong version of the Epoch Times in Hong Kong, China on April 12, 2021. (Adrian You / Epoch Times)

Epoch Times applies CCP’s daily “main goals”

“attack [on Hong Kong Epoch Times] Mr Zhang said he attributed his predictions to the increasingly vicious behavior of the Chinese Communist Party, which is working to strengthen control over Hong Kong.

“From day one, when the Chinese Communist Party came to power [in China]The most important thing was control, “said Zhang, adding that we need to control not only the media, but also the minds and speech of people.

“The presence of the Epoch Times is becoming an increasingly threatening CCP,” he said.

The Epoch Times and Jimmy Lai’s Apple Daily are “arguably their main targets [the CCP] Suppress, attack, eliminate. But on the other hand, I’m proud of the Epoch Times, “said Zhang.

“The Epoch Times is a great medium. The Chinese Communist Party is scared as its influence spreads in Hong Kong and around the world,” he said. “So when I saw the news, apart from resentment, I’m proud of the Epoch Times.”

“Looking at the Hong Kong media, [they] I fell, “he said.

Apart from CCP’s own publications, other media outlets in Hong Kong were “acquired with CCP funding. [They would] So-called “Red Hat Businessmen” will buy the entire newspaper in bulk. “

“Basically, there are only two treatises that tell the truth and fight evil in righteousness,” he added.

Jimmy Lai
Hong Kong’s democratic media mogul Jimmy Lai goes to court on December 12, 2020 to be prosecuted under the new controversial National Security Act imposed by Beijing, in a police van. You will be guided. (Peter Parks / AFP via Getty Images)

Pro-Beijing media and Hong Kong government officials have been sentenced to 14 months in prison from April 16 for the founder’s participation in a massive anti-Beijing and democratization protest in Hong Kong, and Apple Daily We turned our attention to efforts to close the. In 2019.

“Everyone is worried about Hong Kong”

Mr. Zhang attended many rallies of the Hong Kong democratization movement in the United Kingdom. He said everyone was worried about Hong Kong.

Mr Zhang said in his own experience that he had witnessed a decline in freedom in Hong Kong.

“When my book was sold in Hong Kong, even just fiction, the store suddenly closed,” he said.

“The Chinese Communist Party is even afraid of love stories. They manage large stores that are not allowed to sell. [my books], And small stores will be forced to close (after selling them). “

Mr. Zhang said that it is mainly people in mainland China who buy books and take them home.

Hong Kong is a light of hope for people in mainland China, Zhang said.

“Mainland Chinese saw hope there, [they] I saw a country of freedom. Now this land, this freedom is declining. The Communist Party is once again chaining around people. ” “Does the average person feel angry or frustrated?”

“One country, two systems no longer exists,” he said, adding that Hong Kong police were given more control after the National Security Act was imposed.

“Everyone is scared. When you call a friend, [the friend] If you say a few words, you will be nervous and hang up. “

Mr. Zhang said that what the UK can do is write articles such as attending rallies. By doing it little by little, he said, “I feel that I’m not disappointing myself, but giving something to my life.”

“I don’t know if the Chinese Communist Party will collapse,” he said. “We are waiting for the day it will be done.”

Impact of CCP in the UK

Mr. Zhang said that beyond Hong Kong, the tentacles of the Chinese Communist Party have penetrated as deeply as Britain.

One of Zhang’s novels, “A Tibetan Girl Called Ata,” tells a tragic love story between the Han Chinese and a Tibetan girl against the backdrop of the 2008 Tibetan unrest.

An English translation of the novel will be published shortly, but Zhang said it took some time to find a publisher who would be happy to undertake it.

Some British publishers who found his book interesting would not publish it because they were afraid to confuse the Chinese Communist Party, he told The Epoch Times.

“The CCP controls far more controls in the UK than in the US because it controls groups in China of all kinds. Their informants are everywhere,” he says. I did.

Zhang said there is also pressure on advertising clients for the Chinese version of The Epoch Times in the United Kingdom.

“If there is a restaurant and it is advertised in the Epoch Times, it will soon be threatened and punished by the Chinese Communist Party,” Zhang said. “It [the CCP] Gather people to boycott restaurants … Not all Chinese are afraid of their threats and domination. “

Dr. Guihua Li, general manager of The Epoch Times UK, confirmed that Epoch Times clients often dropped out, and some confirmed that they were threatened.

Eva Fu and Alex Wu contributed to this report.