Wildfire broke out east of Rome, evacuating locals


Rome — Locals evacuate a small community about 40 km (25 miles) east of Rome when a wildfire broke out on Friday when the Italian capital faced temperatures of about 37 degrees Celsius (99 degrees Fahrenheit). Did.

Swass in southern Italy has been plagued by wildfires in recent weeks with flames destroying the forests of Calabria, the toes of Italian boots, Sicily and Sardinia.

On Wednesday, temperatures reached nearly 49 degrees Celsius in southeastern Sicily, reported as the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe.

Firefighters said in a tweet that a heat wave moved north, evacuating 25 families from their homes overnight and spreading the fire to the Montecatillo Nature Reserve near Tivoli on the outskirts of Rome.

A burnt plant is depicted near a church in the Montecatillo Nature Reserve in Tivoli, near Rome, Italy, on August 13, 2021. (Guglielmo Mangiapane / Reuters)

About 30 residents of poor children and orphan homes have also been evacuated to escape the flames.

Wildfires also broke out overnight near the town of Otranto on the heels of southern Italy, according to firefighters. A nearby seaside resort was evacuated due to suffocating smoke, and the coastal road south of Otranto was closed.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi will take action on Thursday to provide financial support to the fire-stricken community and to reforest the forested areas to make Italy’s countryside more resilient to natural disasters. I promised a plan.