Wildfires continue to burn the west without disappointment.Thousands of firefighters fighting fire

Thousands of firefighters continued to fight dozens of flames in dry, overheated areas, and the fierce 2021 wildfire season in the west showed no sign of giving up on Friday.

“Currently, 70 wildfires are burning 1,061,516 acres nationwide,” the National Inter-Ministry Fire Center said Friday. “More than 17,700 wildfire firefighters and support personnel have been assigned to wildfires.”

The largest fire in the United States, the bootleg fire in southern Oregon, burned about 75 square miles, which is larger than New York City, according to fire officials. Flames have plagued firefighters for almost a week with irregular winds and extremely dangerous fire behavior.

Authorities ordered a new evacuation Thursday, fearing that Bootleg Fire, which had already destroyed 21 homes, could merge with another explosive flame.

All firefighters were repatriated to a safe place from late Thursday to Friday due to intense fire activity.

The fire produced its own cloud called the Flammagenitus cloud. It is a dangerous pillar of smoke and ash that can reach the sky up to 6 miles and can be seen from more than 100 miles away. Extreme fire behavior, including the formation of more “clouds of fire,” was expected to worsen over the weekend.

A train of fire has joined the fight against wildfires in California.

A train of fire has joined the fight against wildfires in California.

According to CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller, wildfires average about 24,000 acres a day, which is larger than the area of ​​Central Park per hour, the percentage of soccer fields burned every 5 seconds for 10 days. is.

The Bootleg Fire ran through the drought-stricken Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pine forests, followed by long-term heat waves that prepared many of the desert-rich ecosystems to dry and burn. Oregonian report.

It was a hot summer in much of the west, and the pattern is set to continue, AccuWeather Said. From this weekend to the beginning of next week, a heat dome will be installed in the northern Rocky Mountains, which will cause the temperature to rise again. Temperatures are projected to exceed 100 degrees north to Montana.

Western Wildfire: As the fire intensifies, the area remains “tragicly dry” for at least a week. In Oregon, the flames may burn until autumn.

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the United States has set a record 585 heat records in the last 30 days.

Extremely dry conditions and heat waves associated with climate change have hit the west, making it difficult to fight wildfires. Climate change will continue to make the western United States much warmer and drier, more extreme weather, and more frequent and destructive wildfires over the last three decades.

Three years ago, Paradise was destroyed by the worst wildfire in US history. Today, the town is nervously watching over burning people 10 miles away.

Meanwhile, a terrifying wildfire in 2018 near Paradise, a town in northern California, has caused confusion among homeowners who have just begun to return to normal after overcoming the worst flames in US history. Caused.

The Dixie fire broke out earlier this week in the Jarbo Gap Camp Creek and Dixie Road areas. Near here, a 2018 camp fire sparked northeast of Paradise, killing more than 80 people. KCRA-TV Said.

Officials said California’s fire season burned more than three times as much land as it did last year. CNN.. According to the National Inter-Ministry Fire Center, the record for 2020 was the worst ever, burning about 4.1 million acres.

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