Will DeSantis run for president? Curious about the candidate I saw during the Florida debate.

If you have a recipe to make something else Florida Governor Ron DeSantis It might go something like this: Grab a playground bully off the shelf with a heaping teaspoon of science denial, a twig of racism, and a mass of LGBTQ bigotry.

If that sounds offensive, it’s because (recipes and politics).

As a former Floridian who visits as often as possible, and I have close family members who still live there, I care deeply about what’s going on in Sunshine State and where DeSantis is headed politically. I’m worried.

Not everyone agrees with me.first and only Governor debate On Monday night in Fort Pierce with former Republican Governor and now Democratic Rep. I got a lot of applause.Before the discussion, DeSantis also Leading in polls and proved become popular in Florida.

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after an argument he reverted be elected as the Republican nominee Oppose former President Donald Trump (who should run) in the 2024 presidential election. What kind of candidate will DeSantis be in the 2024 campaign? And, God forbid, what kind of president?

The debate was a good window into it.

Christo and DeSantis at the Governor's Debate

Christo and DeSantis at the Governor’s Debate

What DeSantis said during the debate

I’m an atheist, so I never imagined I’d say something like this, but as I watched the Monday night debate, I found myself praying for Christo to become governor again. no matter how much i hate it Millionaire Entering politics, DeSantis’ far-right ideology makes him nervous. But how will more centered and independent voters feel about his rhetoric?

Love it or hate it: Ron DeSantis is Republican’s best bet for overtaking Trump

DeSantis made some very nasty comments during the debate. He also has a messy, biased leadership record that has no place in America in 2022, or in 2024.

►When Question from local newscaster Liz Quirantes about hisStop WOKE Act And Florida custody laws in his education — critics say “don’t say gayThis is because the law prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity for students in kindergarten through third grade.Teach our children to hate our country,” claiming that the U.S. was falsely built onstolen land.”

► DeSantis proudly denounces science, 15-week-old fetus ‘fully formed’ (not), and his abortion law is Zero rape and incest exceptionsnevertheless 86% of Americans I believe it should be. The governor also touted his refusal to advise health experts during the worst months of COVID-19, arguing that Florida’s tourism industry must remain open. Banned School Mask Mandatory).

>He denigrates LGBTQ teens and their families seeking gender-affirming care, calling it a “genital mutilation’ and compare it to a tattoo.

Let’s count: How many people does Dr. Oz want to involve in abortion decisions?

DeSantis isn’t mature enough to be governor or president

DeSantis, like other members of his party, seems unable to recognize that he is (and if elected) governor. all Floridians as well as those who agree with him. But his radical stance is progressive, moderate Democrat, even independent running in the opposite direction.

Even if he decides to run for president, it won’t stop.

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DeSantis’ inability to answer Christo’s question was his failure to answer the question of whether Christo would serve a full term if elected, and that he didn’t care about being governor, i.e. It became painfully clear that he wanted to be president.worn out donkeyA “yo-chan” joke would probably have had the same effect: rallying the base and disgusting everyone else.

DeSantis doesn’t want to be governor any longer and doesn’t want to listen to American voters – he wants to be president.

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