Will Fred become a tropical cyclone again?Florida is expected to get on track and strengthen


Chaotic Biased Tropical Cyclone Fred returned to the water early Thursday after trekking through the mountains of Hispaniola.

“The rugged terrain of Hispaniola has hit Fred,” said the National Hurricane Center. The storm circulation is widespread, with wind shear and dry air, looking like valleys on its surface.

Forecasters are uncertain whether Fred will reform. NOAA and Air Force Hurricane Hunter will investigate the system Thursday morning to estimate strength and structure.

Forecasts call for Fred to regain the strength of a tropical cyclone sometime on Friday before it is expected to land in the Florida Keys on Saturday. Another landing is expected at Florida’s Big Bend or Panhandle at the end of the weekend or early next week.

Hurricane Center predicts maximum sustained winds near 45 mph as Fred approaches the key.

However, there is still uncertainty about Fred’s exact track and strength. Forecasters know that Florida should be prepared for the potential for heavy rains and floods, including along the east coast.

Miami Herald news partner CBS4 meteorologist Resette Gonzalez said it could rain 3-5 inches this weekend in South Florida and up to 8 inches in isolated areas. ..

Where is Fred?

Fred was located in the waters between Haiti, eastern Cuba, and southeastern Bahamas, moving quickly west-northwest at nearly 16 mph. The maximum sustained wind was close to 35 mph and the gust was strong.

Forecasts predict Fred will move across southeastern Bahamas on Thursday and along or just north of eastern and central Cuba on Thursday and late Friday. Florida Keys direction.

“Currently, models are spreading from over Florida to the eastern central part of the Gulf of Mexico, so it’s uncertain when and where Fred will turn right,” the Hurricane Center reported.

Fred is expected to approach the Florida Keys and South Florida on Friday night and Saturday. Then, according to the Hurricane Center, its strength is determined by its interaction with the land.