Will Smith promised fans that he would “be friends again” with Chris Rock after winning the Oscars. One psychologist warned against making a “seasonal man a lifetime commitment.”


Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the March 2022 Academy Awards ceremony.Robin Beck/AFP via Getty Images

  • Will Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock at the 2021 Oscars sparked a public feud between the two.

  • Rock referenced the incident in the Netflix comedy special Selective Outrage.

  • Dr. Frederick Smith told Insider it’s important to acknowledge his role in the debate.

It was a slap that was seen all over the world.

Three hours into the 2022 Oscars, Will Smith showed up as Chris Rock was presenting the Best Documentary Feature award. strode onto the stage and slapped him for his comments about Jada Pinkett Smith on national televisionThe incident preceded a wave of criticism, Smith apologizes several times.

“And if you wait, I promise we can be friends again,” Smith said. Said Fans in July 2022 YouTube videos.

Will Smith and Chris Rock.

Chris Rock and actor Will Smith attend Nickelodeon’s 23rd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards in 2010.Kevin Mather/WireImage

Rock on his side remained relatively tight-lipped on the matter Until he vents his frustrations in an unbanned Netflix comedy special.”selective anger.”

“I’ve been a Will Smith supporter my whole life,” Rock said. “And now I’m watching ‘Liberation’ just to see him yell.”

The pair had previously worked together on an episode of 1995’s ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ and the 1999 Spike Lee mockumentary ‘Torrance Rises’ and had a friendly relationship. .

friendships are complicatedand according to psychologists, one breakup isn’t necessarily a blame game. 15 years of experience in the mental health fieldspoke to insiders about what can cause friendship breakdowns, how to navigate them, and when to cut losses.

Smith said there are a number of reasons why friendships can falter, but sometimes you have to admit your role in the rift.

Smith explained that everything from moving cities to conflicting values ​​can strain friendships. Smith and Locke’s case involved both sides feeling slighted by each other on slap night. When this happened, Smith said it was important to find out where the anger was coming from.

“Is the anger you felt towards that person related to him or something you did?” Smith said. “Or was something else going on and you took your anger out on him?”

People can misplace their anger.

“Often we don’t face our primary stressor, and we put it on the person who least deserves it. It can be a spouse, a significant other, a family member, or even a friend.” Smith said..

However, that doesn’t mean that friendships can’t be restored after a disagreement.

After an argument, friends have to decide if it’s worth repairing the relationship

Smith said both sides must be willing to repair the friendship for it to flourish again. This includes

“Therapists help rebuild friendships by helping them examine their beginnings. My philosophy is that you can’t focus on the present without looking at the past,” he says. said.

Smith, on the other hand, admitted that friendships can flow naturally.

“Some people have a hard time accepting this, but some friendships end. It’s natural,” he said. “You can’t maintain friendships with everyone you come across in your life.

He added:

Smith said learning to apologize and forgive properly is ‘very important’ in friendships

According to Smith, when you sincerely say “I’m sorry” to someone, the forgiveness process begins.

When all else fails, it’s okay to grieve a broken friendship, Smith told an insider.

“We grieve not only for the loss of a loved one, but also for the loss of a relationship, even if that person is still alive,” he said.

He added:

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