Will the British band start their tour in Liechtenstein?

Mabel, Ed Sheeran, Stormzy overlaid on Liechtenstein photos

Pop stars such as Mabel, Ed Sheeran and Stormzy can play Liechtenstein without a high-priced work permit.

On Friday, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden announced that a new frontier was opened for British musicians who wanted to perform live in Europe.

Thanks to “ambitious” negotiations He said, Artists and their crew can now tour Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein without a visa.

This deal meant that Brexit would require a high-priced permit to perform in many European countries.

However, musicians on tour called Dauden’s announcement “tragic” and “joke.”

“Iceland has about the same population as Wigan. Liechtenstein has about the same population as Wilmslow.” Tim Burgess, the frontman of The Charlatans, said:“If it wasn’t tragic, it would be interesting.”

“The Charlatans has been playing around the world for 31 years and has released three number one albums, but Oliver Dowden has never played in Iceland or Liechtenstein, or a promoter. But thank you for your help. “

However, the British government said that the agreements with Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein are not part of the EU, but are in the European Economic Area, but are part of the overall effort to open Europe to British musicians. He pointed out that it was nothing more than.

He added that the agreement is based on the same UK proposal that the EU rejected during Brexit negotiations last year.

Who is actually playing in Liechtenstein?

Tim Burgess and Oliver Dowden

The Charlatans singer Tim Burgess (left) was one of those who criticized Oliver Dowden’s announcement.

None of the UK’s top 10 touring artists have ever performed in Liechtenstein in the last decade.

Although only one Ed Sheeran performance has been to Iceland since 2011, Norway still tours regularly for most bands on the European tour circuit.

Up-and-coming stars often include Iceland in their itineraries, with Georgia and Not3s appearing at the Iceland Airwave Festival in recent years.

Who will play in the visa-free area? The number of shows performed by the UK's Top 10 Tour Acts in the last decade.  ..

Who will play in the visa-free area? The number of shows performed by the UK’s Top 10 Tour Acts in the last decade. ..

Only a handful of traces of British artists have visited Liechtenstein in the last decade. Among them were Status Quo, Welsh Rockact Skindred, and drummer Simon Phillips.

One roadie tweeted to Dauden, “I’ve done five gigs in Norway, two in Iceland and zero in Liechtenstein on a 22-year tour.”

Suede bassist Matt Osman joins: “Yes. It’s a classic Norway / Iceland / Liechtenstein tour. It’s really pathetic.”

How the artist toured other places. The number of shows performed by the UK's Top 10 Tour Acts in the last 10 years.  ..

How the artist toured other places. The number of shows performed by the UK’s Top 10 Tour Acts in the last 10 years. ..

UK Music CEO Jamie Njoku-Goodwin also welcomed the deal.

“We don’t know the final details yet,” he said. “If the UK can reach an agreement to allow musicians and crews to tour these countries, it will reach an agreement similar to that of EU member states. It can be reached. “

However, the Carry On Touring Campaign said Mr. Dauden’s announcement was “not just ambitious.”

“Given that the UK creative industries have been so successful and contributed about £ 111.7 billion to the economy, the government is working hard to resolve this turmoil,” said campaign director Tim Brennan. I think it’s strange not to work on it. “

Tour cancellation?

After Brexit, the government is under pressure to stop working in government offices to curb musicians who want to tour the EU.

Under the terms of the contract, the British band can tour Europe for up to 90 days in 180 days. However, for example, shows in Portugal and Spain require additional visas for paid work. However, it is not necessary in France and the Netherlands.

There may also be additional charges for transporting sets and instruments across national borders.

Stars such as Sealan, Sir Elton John, Nicola Benedetti, Liam Gallagher, Radiohead, and Queen’s Music Master Judith Weir wrote to the government. Severe behavior About the January issue.

A month later, a survey of musicians who signed a petition for a visa-free tour by the House of Representatives found that 81% of respondents said they were likely to cancel their European tour.

Benicasim International Festival

New rules can make it difficult for British bands to perform at European festivals like Benicasim in Spain.

Performers other than music are also affected.Is National Theater is shelving plans Actors such as Sir Ian McKellen and Mrs. Julie Walters are calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to intervene.

In February, Mr. Dauden blamed the musician’s restrictions and held the EU accountable. “Stupid and self-defeatingThe EU argued that responsibility lies with the British government, and ministers said they rejected plans to give journalists, performers and musicians greater freedom in working in the block.

Mr Dauden said he had spoken to parliamentarians in May and had spoken to all EU member states since January, revealing that the situation seemed “much more positive” than initially thought.

A spokeswoman for the UK government told the BBC on Tuesday, “We want to make it easier for musicians and others to tour inside and outside the EU.

“Short temporary visits for paid performances by British musicians are possible in at least 17 EU countries, including France, Germany and the Netherlands, without the need for a visa or work permit.

“We are working with all EU member states to clarify the rules of the tour and work closely with them and the sector to consider the further support we can provide.”

More information could be revealed later this week when the House’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Selection Committee asks Sir Brexit Sir Frost on this issue.

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