William Barr says Rudolph Giuliani’s infamous Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference was a “grotesque embarrassment.”

Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani speaks to the media at a press conference held in the back parking lot of Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 7, 2020.Chris McGrath / Getty Images

  • Barr called Rudolph Giuliani’s Four Seasons Total Landscape Press event a “grotesque embarrassment.”

  • Giuliani, a former Trump lawyer, promoted allegations of unfounded fraud at the event.

  • Barr detailed his thoughts on the 2020 elections in his new memoir released on Tuesday.

Former Justice Secretary William Barr said the infamous November 2020 press conference hosted by President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani in the parking lot of a small company called the Four Seasons Total Landscape was “grotesque embarrassment.” I wrote in his new memoir.

In his new book, One Damn Thing After Another, released Tuesday, Barr shared his thoughts on the failed efforts of Trump’s legal team to challenge the 2020 election results.

“His legal team filed a difficult proceeding. They filed a proceeding as badly as I imagined,” Barr said on November 7th and 19th, “strange” Four Seasons TotalLandscaping reporter. I wrote it pointing to the interview. Press event Mascara appeared to drip from Giuliani’s sideburns.

“It was all a grotesque embarrassment,” Bar added.

Four days after the 2020 presidential election, Giuliani touted a groundless allegation of fraud at a press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a small landscaping project in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Still, Giuliani’s allegations were drowned out by critics mocking the event venue, theorizing that Trump’s legal team mistakenly booked a landscaping project on behalf of the luxury Four Seasons Hotel.

“There was an immediate gap between what Giuliani and his team were saying in public and what they were talking to in court. In public, they were a big but grounded fraudulent vote. No claim was aired, “Bur wrote. “But in their court documents, they did not claim fraud, as Giuliani frankly admitted.”

Indeed, when the press conference took place, major news networks predicted then-Democratic candidate Joe Biden as the winner of the election. call out From Giuliani.

“Joe Biden’s call isn’t-who called it?” Giuliani asked. Reporters replied that “all” major cable news networks have announced that Biden is the expected winner.

“All of them! Oh my goodness! Wow, all the networks! We have to forget the law, the judges don’t count!” Giuliani reacted ironically and threw his arms into the air.

Giuliani and other members of Trump’s legal team, although unsuccessful, continued their efforts to overturn the results in some of the fierce battle states that Biden won. Federal, state, and local officials have repeatedly stated that there were no widespread fraudulent votes in the 2020 elections.

Barr did not reveal the secret of his contempt for Giuliani in his book, calling the former mayor a “non-guided missile.” Former AG puts the Ministry of Justice on his plan to pressure Ukraine to support Giulani’s investigation of Biden’s son Hunter in 2019 and the false allegations of Trump’s massive fraud in the 2020 elections. Explained his dissatisfaction with the method he tried to connect.

“Rudy Giuliani saved New York City after 9/11, and probably resigned as the most important mayor of a big city in American history,” Barr wrote. “But he will also be impeached twice, after all, not once, as the man who helped President Trump be impeached.”

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