Williams parks the Xfinity car at the start finish line and walks off

HAMPTON, Ga. (AP) — A frustrated Josh Williams made an unusual exit during the first stage of NASCAR’s Xfinity Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Saturday, to dramatic effect. left his car parked at the start-finish line to get

There were four cautions in 26 out of 40 laps of the first stage, including the final yellow after Williams’ No. 92 Chevrolet was forced to park after falling debris.

A frustrated Williams followed instructions, but on his terms. It seems that

Before exiting the car, Williams angrily complained to the crew over the radio. Williams added: I have never heard of this in my life. ”

Williams was taken to the Field Care Center and then escorted by the team’s carrier without speaking to reporters.

It was an ominous start to a day full of caution at the Atlanta track and Xfinity race doubleheader. Early on Saturday there were a race-record 11 cautions in Christian Aix’s second career Truck Series win.

The first caution of the Xfinity race came only on lap two following a collision between Ceasar Vacarella and Joev Gase. The second caution came just ten laps later.


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