Willow Smith Gives Headbanging Performance On ‘SNL’ – An Ending To Remember


Willow Smith — known primarily as Willow when she performs — knocked the house down with two emotional and energetic performances on “Saturday Night Live” last weekend.

On Saturday, Oct. 8, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter wowed audiences with two songs from her new album, Copingmechanism.

The second episode of Season 48 of ‘SNL’ was hosted by Brendan Gleeson, and both performances by Willow were highlights of the show. For her second song, Willow performed the hard rock “Ur a Stranger.” It featured machine gun-like guitars that evoked a heavy metal vibe, and vocals that were sometimes both emo and growl. Appearing on stage in a black leather outfit that bared her skin, Willow’s look was accented with cat-eye eyeliner and a septum piercing.

“She used to be mine, now she’s yours, and that’s okay,” she sang as she grabbed the mic.

He alternated between shouting and squatting, captivating the audience with its power. The song culminated with Willow slamming a bottle on the ground and lifting a guitar through a TV screen like a true rock star.

“I am so in awe of her talent,” one commenter wrote on YouTube. Sadly people keep blaming her for her family ties and I think she’s underrated.They miss her.She’s truly amazing. ”

“I love it when humans put art out there so people feel like they do,” another fan posted. “Where the rocks screamed, I enjoyed a humble bow afterwards. Great job Willow and the band thank you for being you.”

“She sounds as if Florence had a crush on the machine, and I live for it,” said another, referring to two bands with different styles that Willow seemed to evoke. mentioned.

Willow’s first song on “SNL” was arguably more subdued, but still powerful. She delivered an emo/punk tune with powerful energy while singing the mesmerizing “curious/furious.”

“Winning or losing, which is right or wrong, it’s all a battle in your heart. You better open wide,” she sang.

While jamming with her band members, she was clearly enjoying the moment, bowing and ending the song with a big smile.

Willow joined last season Camila Cabello Take the stage to perform their song “Psycho Freak” from Cabello’s “Familia” album. did.

Willow often finds herself in the spotlight alongside her famous family.Her mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith, recently revealed that she write a memoir It details her “complicated marriage” to the singer’s father, Will Smith.

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