Wimbledon organizers have banned Russian and Belarusian players from competing for the war in Ukraine

Wimbledon organizers have confirmed that Russian and Belarusian players will not be allowed to participate in this year’s tournament due to an ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

so statement Issued on April 20 on behalf of the All England Club and the Championship Management Committee, the organizer said, “We share universal condemnation of Russia’s illegal activity,” and “unjustified and unprecedented military aggression.” I called it.

The organizers said, “We carefully consider the situation in the context of our obligations to athletes, our community, and the broader British people as a British sports institution,” “Russian government has Russian or Belarusian athletes. You will benefit from participating in the championship. “

The organizers said the decision to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes from the event also took into account the guidance set by the British government, especially in relation to sports organizations and events.

“Given the profile of championships in the UK and around the world, we are committed to a wide range of efforts by governments, industries, sports and creative institutions to limit Russia’s global influence through the strongest possible means. It is our responsibility to play the role of “.” Statement reads.

“Therefore, it is our intention to refuse entry to the Championship 2022 from Russian and Belarusian players,” he added.

However, the organizers said they would consider and “respond accordingly” if “the situation changed significantly between now and June” when Wimbledon is scheduled to start.

This decision was made after discussing the possibility of an All England club allowing Russian players to participate, as long as the British government initially signed a document not supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Elsewhere on Thursday, Russian and Belarusian players have also been banned from this summer’s tournament by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), which hosts all other major summer grass court tournaments in the country.

The LTA acknowledged in a statement that individual Russian and Belarus players may not support the government’s actions regarding Russia’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine, and the situation is “out of their control”. rice field.

“Nevertheless, it is important for the state governing body to do everything it can to support Ukraine at this time, and we believe this move has gained the support of the British people,” the LTA said. statement Announced ban.

Wimbledon organizers welcomed the LTA’s decision Thursday and said it would help ensure that “British tennis offers a consistent approach during the summer.”

The latest announcement from Wimbledon begins on June 27th and July 10th, with Russian players such as US Open defending champions Daniil Medvedev in 2nd place and Andrey Rublev in 8th place.

Anastasia Pabruchenkova, the 15th largest Russian woman in the world, will also miss this year’s event. Belarus’s Arina Sabalenka was ranked fourth, and Victoria Azarenka was once the top-ranked player in the world.

Belarus was an ally of Moscow in the military invasion of Ukraine that began on February 24th.

The decision by both Wimbledon and LTA has elicited criticism from the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). Exclusion was unfair And there is the potential to “set a precedent that is harmful to the game.”

“Nationality-based discrimination also violates an agreement with Wimbledon that states that player entries are based solely on ATP rankings. The course of action in response to this decision will be discussed with the Board and the Council of Members. Will be evaluated, “said ATP, which allowed players to compete under a neutral flag.

The French Open (scheduled to begin in Paris on May 22), the organizer of the next Grand Slam of the season, said: Does not impose similar prohibitions Exclude Russian and Belarus players from participation.

However, players from either of the two competing countries will not be able to identify the country or flag.

Catabella Roberts


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