Windows 10 toolbar will add a special area showing weather and news

Weather and news taskbar


After the Insider test, Microsoft will be on the Windows 10 toolbarAdd a new “News and Interest” function. Simply put, this function will generate a new button on the toolbar, which usually displays the current weather, and after pressing it, it will display the latest news, sports scores, stock prices and other information. Clicking on any news item will open the full text in the browser. You can also save the article and read it in the future, or share it with others. Fortunately, there seems to be an intention to join advertising, but the future is hard to say.

Naturally, you can choose the topic of the article that appears in it and the source of the article. You can also have a certain degree of customization for the display method of the toolbar buttons, or it may be completely turned off and not displayed. Microsoft said that this “news and interest” function is mainly designed to allow users to have a place to see news easily and quickly (that is, to compress the space of the portal site), in addition, Windows 10 has not had a fast weather display. Place, just to provide it.

Microsoft plans to gradually roll out “News and Interests” in the next few weeks. This process will be “gradually carried out in stages,” and it may take several months to fully roll out.