Windows 10 will add AAC Bluetooth codec support

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Bluetooth inputs in Windows 10


according to The Verge According to the report, the focus of the next major update of Windows 10 will be the introduction of AAC Bluetooth encoding support, which brings the possibility of making AirPods available to Windows PCs. Currently, Windows 10 only supports SBC and Qualcomm’s Aptx, and AAC is the code that Apple mainly uses.

The next thing is to simplify the menu for selecting audio playback devices in Windows 10. At present, after you click on the volume menu in the taskbar, you will see a menu of all connected headphones and speakers, which is very confusing. However, after updating in the future, Windows 10 will automatically display only the correct output device form, and then users can more clearly control the audio playback.

In addition, there will be games in the updateAuto HDR And newFile Explorer icon, Friends who are interested can download Preview Build 21370 through Windows Insider to have a try.

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