Windows 11 preview version is now open for download

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Windows developers and fans can now (officially) get a first taste of Windows 11, starting from Microsoft for Windows Insider provideThe first previewCome download. This version can fully experience the new interface of Windows 11, including a centered taskbar, a redesigned start menu, and improved window management. However, some of the more advanced features, such as integrated Teams or the highly anticipated Android app compatibility, will have to wait a while before they arrive.

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Due to the lack of some functions, this preview version (Build 22000.51) is actually not much different from the previously leaked version, mainly because the interface of the Microsoft Store app has been updated, the touch keyboard can be customized, and the system will remember when using an external screen. Hold the position of the window. When you unplug the screen, all the windows on the external screen will shrink to the taskbar, and then plug it back to the original position.

To download, the computer must meet the minimum requirements of the Windows Insider program, but it is best to meet the minimum hardware requirements of Windows 11. The reason for this weird “double standard” is that Microsoft itself wants to know how old Windows 11 can run smoothly. Therefore, in the Windows Insider program, special relaxations have been made so that the minimum hardware requirements of Windows 11 are not met. The computer can also be installed. In this way, after collecting enough data, Microsoft can adjust the minimum hardware requirements of Windows 11 in the future.

Microsoft is currently “confident” that the eighth-generation Intel Core i and AMD Zen 2 processors can meet the security, reliability and compatibility standards of Windows 11, while the seventh-generation Core i and Zen 1 processors are the focus The object of observation.

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