Windows 11 will have a built-in “Tomato Clock”, and there will also be a BGM for operation provided by Spotify


Windows 11 Focus Sessions

Windows 11 Focus Sessions

Microsoft Windows 11 will have many new features,The Verge Quote from Chief Product Officer Panos Panay Twitter One of the previews is a focus mode called Focus Sessions. It also mentions that Microsoft and Spotify will cooperate on this. Focus Sessions will be based on the well-known Pomodoro Technique (tomato clock), integrated into the built-in function of the clock app, allowing users to easily set the timepiece for work schedule, and at the same time, they can also use Spotify to provide work. What about BGM.

It is a pity that this Focus Sessions is not included in the public beta version Insider Previews, but since the product officials have already announced it, I believe everyone will be able to use it after the official launch of Windows 11 later this year. And the cooperation between Microsoft and Spotify is more than that, and it officially landed on the Xbox console earlier.

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