Winona Ryder shut down a few years after beating a homosexual bully



Winona Ryder has since returned to her befitting stardom Stranger Things The explosion in pop culture was a gift for everyone. And now, the old anecdote when she shot down a homosexual bully is becoming a virus again.

The story was reshared on Twitter by the fan account. @BESTOFWINONAAnd talks about her violent encounter as a junior high school student published in Nigel Gudor’s biography. Heathers Star.

At the beginning of her first year of middle school, she says a group of students called her af * ggot and made her jump in the middle of the hallway.

“A group of boys hit me in my stomach and slammed my head into the locker.” She said, According to Goodall. “I think they thought I was a gay boy … they called me a name, they called me a girl, and I shouted,” But wait, I’m a girl. ” I was there. “

The group beat her so badly that she broke her ribs and needed a seam. And even after that, the school allegedly felt that the rider was her “distraction” and asked her to leave.

“I’m sorry that gay bashing was a distraction for them,” she said.

The Frequent viral stories Occurs more directly from the 2000 interview Harper’s BazaarDig up by NY mug After the rider’s experience first started making splashes on social media in 2017. And in Winona’s own words, it’s absolutely delicious to hear how at least one bully eventually won her resurrection.

“A few years later I went to a coffee shop in Petaluma and came across one of the girls who kicked me, and she said,” Winona, Winona, can you get your signature? ” .. “And I said,’Do you remember me? I went to Kenilworth. In the first grade of middle school, do you remember how you beat the child?” She “kind” And I said, “It was me. Go — yourself!”

Unfortunately, that’s not the only talk about riders growing up and being bullied, it’s not a happy story, but seeing the icon get the last word for homosexual jerk. That’s great.