Wisconsin accused of fraud in the 2020 second election

Madison, Wisconsin (AP) — A Wisconsin man who voted twice absentee in the 2020 presidential election was charged with four ferronies and became the second person on the battlefield in the face of election-induced prosecution. became.

Former President Donald Trump falsely claimed that there was widespread fraud in Wisconsin. This is the state where President Joe Biden won with just under 21,000 votes.

Electoral fraud charges are extremely rare in Wisconsin, but are usually low with every large election. Electoral fraud crimes are felony.

The latest claim filed in June was one of 27. A case in which the Wisconsin election authorities introduced the prosecutor from a ballot with more than 3 million votes. No other charges have been filed by the group, and the district attorney has stated that it has not filed charges in 18 of these cases. The other eight are still under consideration, or the district attorney did not provide updates on Monday.

Trump continues to claim that elections have been stolen, targeting other major swing states such as Wisconsin and Arizona. In that state Associated Press Survey The problem was clear enough that authorities found 182 cases that introduced them to investigators for further investigation. So far, only four cases have been prosecuted, including one identified in another state investigation. No one has been convicted.

In Wisconsin, that number is even smaller.However, the Republican Party ordered a review by the nonpartisan Legislative Auditor and Speaker of Parliament Robin Vos. Hired three retired police investigators Investigate “irregularity” claims.

In the latest fraud case filed in St. Croix County, 64-year-old Michael Ray Overall alleges that his two votes were unintentional, according to a criminal accusation filed on June 16. The lawyer reiterated that his two votes were wrong.

“It’s hell,” he said when asked if he was going to vote twice.

He refused to say who he voted for in the presidential election.

Overall registered to vote in St. Croix County in 2007, he sold his home in 2019 and changed his driver’s license address to Beloit in May 2020.

According to the complaint, Overalls requested an absentee ballot in St. Croix County, western Wisconsin, on October 5, 2020. It was mailed to an address in Rockford, Illinois. A week later, on October 12, he signed an absentee ballot using the address of Star Prairie in St. Croix County, Wisconsin. The ballot was received before the election.

On October 13, the day after signing the absentee ballot, the complaint said it was totally registered to vote using the vehicle’s title as proof of residence, using the address in Beloit, Wisconsin. On October 27, an overall absentee ballot was held at a voting site in the town of Beloit, Rock County.

Overall, Rock County election officials said the absentee ballot would cancel the request for the absentee ballot in St. Croix County, and said he remembered filling it out but never returned.

“I have a memory problem,” he said overall on Monday. “I can’t even remember how many days today.”

Investigators recommended moving from St. Croix County in 2019 to change the address of the driver’s license and prosecuting it in an overall fraudulent election, but presenting the old driver’s license when applying for absentee ballot. Did.

He faces one crime of voting by disqualified people. One accusation of providing false information to the election manager. One request for registration to vote in multiple locations. And vote multiple times. Each claim is a class I felony and can be punished with imprisonment from $ 10,000 up to three and a half years or both.

Overall, he will appear in court for his first appearance on August 5.

His proceedings occurred after a Florida man was indicted in a fraudulent election in Sawyer County, Wisconsin in March. Luke Aaron Frazier, 36, mistakenly claimed to be a resident of the village of Radisson and tried to win an absentee ballot in the November 2020 election, but failed. His case was not among the 27 other people transferred to the Wisconsin Election Commission by local election authorities, as required by state law.

Frazier will appear in court on August 31st for a hearing.

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