Wisconsin couple claims $ 316 million Powerball award

Madison, Wisconsin (AP) — A couple in northeastern Wisconsin claimed half of the $ 632.6 million Powerball Jackpot they won last month, the Wisconsin lottery announced Monday.

Tammy and Cliff Webster, who live in Oneida near Green Bay, have won a jackpot of around $ 316 million. From the drawing on January 5th. Another winning ticket was sold in California. The total jackpot was the seventh largest in the history of Powerball.

According to the lottery, Webster, a member of Oneida Nation, is offering a $ 225 million cash option instead of an annual payment. After deducting state and local taxes, they bring home about $ 154 million.

“We always believed that if we played, we had a chance to win. This is a dream come true,” Tammy Webster told the lottery, saying the couple wouldn’t do a media interview. “I am truly grateful for this wonderful event.”

Cliff Webster also thanked him deeply for what he called a “great blessing.”

According to the lottery, Webster didn’t say how he intends to use the newly found wealth.

Jackson Point Sit Go, located at Packerland Drive on the outskirts of Green Bay in Ashwaubenon, received $ 100,000 for selling the winning tickets.

According to the California State Lottery, winning tickets for California were sold at Seven-Eleven in Sacramento.

Powerball is played in 45 states, as well as Washington DC, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The odds of winning a Powerball Jackpot are about 1 in 292 million.