Wisconsin Democrats and Republicans both want Ron Johnson to do

When the Democrats and Republicans can barely agree, they find that they have reached a rare agreement in Wisconsin. Everyone seems to want Senator Ron Johnson (R) to run for the third term.

Democrats consider him vulnerable, pointing out provocative comments on coronaviruses, 2020 elections, protests of racial justice, and are eager to crack again in the Senate. Republicans are watching Johnson in a combat-tested incumbent who has proved his energy twice in the Keyswing State.

If Johnson ran, which side of him was right would step into Wisconsin’s highly competitive Senate race.

“I think almost every Republican inside and outside Wisconsin wants to run for Ron Johnson because he’s at stake. That’s the majority of Republicans,” said Brandon, a Republican in the state.・ Scholtz said. “If he doesn’t run, it makes it more difficult.”

“Ron Johnson is what you get when you have a baby at a tea party with QAnon. I hope he runs. His candidacy will be a much more competitive race for the Democrats.” Ben Nuckels, a Democratic consultant in Wisconsin, added. “If a Republican wants to see him run, I would agree with them.”

Johnson ran for political outsider in 2010 and first made a name for himself when he was left dead by the Republicans before upsetting Sen at the time. Wisconsin political giant Russell D. Feingold (D), who served in the Senate for three terms. Johnson also won the second term by 3 points in the 2016 rematch with Fine Gold.

In the process, Johnson has solid knack for making scientific claims that few experts disagree with, including 2010, when sunspots are more likely to contribute to climate change than human behavior. Established a reputation as a conservative.

Recently, Johnson was promoted in early December Uncovered theory “Mouthwash has been proven to kill the coronavirus.” In a comment to Fox News last Monday, he said whether a fully vaccinated individual could still catch COVID-19. I asked “what’s the point?”, But the main goal of the shot is to prevent hospitalization and death-they do so overwhelmingly.

He was also a strong supporter of the 2020 presidential election audit in Wisconsin, but he Concessions With secretly recorded audio There was no foul. Johnson also praised the mobs who attacked the Capitol on January 6 as “loves the country,” but “they were tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters. I would have been concerned.

These comments make Johnson a lightning rod in the Senate and foresee a bear knuckle brawl if he chooses to run, but conversations with 12 politicians from both parties topped the Wisconsin vote in November. He showed his enthusiasm for standing.

“One of the reasons Ron Johnson is so intrigued by the Democratic Party is probably the only one that can make this race a four-point or five-point or better race,” said Scott Ross, a Democratic strategist in Wisconsin. Because it’s a candidate .. “I think other undefined Republicans may be tougher just because they aren’t known like Ron Johnson.”

Of all the issues surrounding Johnson, Democrats predict that his comments on the coronavirus are the worst achievements for them.

“It’s incredible what he says when it comes to denying science and putting people at risk of serious death,” Ross said. “That’s what we’re actually trying to define much of what happens to him.”

Johnson kept political observers in suspense, Say recently He decides whether to do it “soon”. Still, he continues to raise money, spending $ 2.3 million on banks in September to end, appearing frequently on Fox News, suggesting that he can break his past promise of offering only two terms. ..

The Democratic enthusiasm to take on Johnson goes against the conventional wisdom that campaigns for vacant seats are usually easier than challenging incumbents.

But Democrats suggest that Johnson’s remarks make him unpalatable to voters in the purple state.At Marquette Law School vote Released in November, While only 38% of voters said they would vote to re-election him, 52% said they liked someone else.

“For an incumbent senator, whenever you’re less than 50 percent, you’re in a dangerous territory,” says Irene Lin, a veteran operative who manages the Democratic Tom Nelson campaign. rice field. “Obviously he was a very polarized person. If you were a Democrat, you would definitely want to play against someone like that.”

Johnson’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment from Hill. But the Republicans boast that he won’t fall easily, and so far warned that the Democrats wouldn’t be overly eager to oppose him, given his two upsets.

“The Democrats think he’s a very vulnerable incumbent because he speaks openly about many issues, which is fine, but he doesn’t think he’s that strong,” Scholz said. ing. .

“”[H]Former Johnson aide Ben Ferkel, who is running for vice-governor, said, “I’m going to be a very strong activist,” and “I’m very happy to be on the same ticket as him.” ..

Republicans say Johnson will enter 2022, which has more election chops than any of the last two campaigns, arguing that reversing his comments is an inadequate and implemented strategy for Democrats. increase.

A Wisconsin Republican operative said, “The Democrats have so many misguided hopes here. At this point, Ron Johnson is basically broken heart for the Democrats every six years in Wisconsin. I run a hotel in Wisconsin. “

“These are new shades of the same failed playbook,” he continued. “They are trying to pack some new pages and scribbling new ones in the margins, but it’s the same playbook and failed twice.”

Beyond Johnson’s own good intentions, he probably has full institutional support from the Republicans-he was missing in his previous race.

“I’m optimistic, hoping that Ron Johnson will run for the re-election. If he runs for the re-election, he’ll get the full support of the NRSC,” suddenly said the $ 800,000 pro. Lizzy Retro, Deputy Communications Director of the National Republican Senate Committee, said the cancellation. -Johnson ad purchase near the end of the 2016 campaign.

Even some Democrats admit that it’s not easy for Johnson to fall in a narrowly divided state like Wisconsin, especially given the expected tailwinds for Republicans.

“I don’t underestimate Ron Johnson at all, because some Democrats say,’Oh, I think he’s so crazy. Of course, we beat him.'” I also said about Trump, “Lin added.[H]Knowing the Democratic environment, e can definitely win the third term. “

It’s still unclear if Johnson will be in the race, but it’s almost certain that the Wisconsin Senate race will be the most fiercely contested race in the country next year.

The state is one of the most swinging countries in the country, and any race can determine who controls the Senate. But if Johnson jumps into the race, Democrats are expected to enter the hyperdrive to knock him out.

“We don’t really know which state the Senate will go to, but this is the best pick-up opportunity we have, the coin toss state,” said one Wisconsin democracy strategist. “So tighten.”